Review: Heartache on Heartland

Raise your hand if you knew that kiss between Prince Ahmed and Amy was going to have an impact on her relationship with Ty? Yeah, I did too, but I have to admit I didn’t expect it to happen so quickly. That’s going to put a damper on the hero worship Georgie has got going for Amy right now.

Season 8 of Heartland–CBC’s Sunday night stalwart–opened magically with Amy resplendent in a tight-fitting dress and a sexy updo as she attended a goodbye party held by Ahmed for his European Equestrian squad. His gift of a sparky, diamond-encrusted necklace served as a precursor to the smooch that would have Georgie freaking by episode’s end.

Heartland has always been a show that’s flown under my radar, garnering the ratings to be renewed via loyal fans yet a program I’ve only seen in passing. I’m looking forward to watching on a weekly basis for TV, Eh? simply because it’s a change of pace front my usual series choices and boasts a stellar cast. At the top of the list is Amber Marshall; she and co-star Graham Wardle have literally grown up playing Amy and Ty, and by now they’ve embraced the characters they portray. Amy’s arrival back at Heartland after months away was met with a chest-crushing hug by Ty that quickly turned sour when they learned the land they’d planned to buy had been sold out from under them.

Compounding the stress of losing the land was Georgie being under Amy’s feet. She had taken on all of Amy’s chores while she was away and the ranch hummed along, leaving Amy to wonder exactly what her place was at Heartland. That, coupled with jet lag, Ty buying a new truck and the knowledge that Jack had secretly married Lisa (that sure got Lou hot under the collar) reduced Amy to tears of frustration. The one place she relied on to be a firm foundation in her life had been upended.

By the end of Heather Conkie’s script for “There and Back Again,” Ty and Amy had made up, but the kiss Georgie witnessed online is going to get back to Ty at some point. That, along with the fact Ahmed gave Amy that necklace, is going to test their strength as a couple and challenge their trust.

Other thoughts

  • Why was Jack so reluctant to tell the family that he and Lisa were married? Was he ashamed?
  • Does anyone else think it was kind of jerky for Tim to make that horse deal knowing it would screw up Ty and Caleb’s plans?

Heartland airs Sundays at 7 p.m. on CBC.


5 thoughts on “Review: Heartache on Heartland”

  1. You saw a kiss? I didn’t see a kiss…

    Thanks for the review, though. I’ll be interested to see what your thoughts are as the season progresses.

    Be very aware that Heartland fans are passionate about the show and the characters; stuff you put out there will be analyzed and dissected in the most minute detail.

    1. Interesting! I hadn’t considered the fact there might not have been a kiss. I based that on Georgie’s reaction, but you’re right, there may not have been one.

  2. This is my first time at the site; it’s nice to see you review Heartland which is my favorite show and one of my all time favorites – it became my favorite when I took a chance and bought the dvds – having seen many of the commercials for the show but not having watched it on tv at that point.

    Jack was reluctant, I think, given how Lou had reacted to their initial considering of marriage (when she was about to be married to Peter), given how the sisters tend to be overprotective of him, and because he is generally a private man. He has told them and others, more than once, that his love life is private etc. Jack does love Lisa and isn’t ashamed of her or of how they chose to get married but he is much more old fashioned and private than Lisa is.

    As for Tim, he’s a likable cad – a tamer version of a type of JR Ewing (Dallas) in the sense that he sometimes acts selfishly and in his own interests without thinking of others but he is a loving person. He is super competitive as was revealed in his relationship with Janice and with his ex-lady friend Miranda (with whom he had a son – though she didn’t tell him until many years later).

    It was definitely not “nice” of him to do what he did but he is very competitive and doesn’t always think of others before he acts.

    1. Hey Patrick, thanks so much for your reply and your thoughts on Sunday’s episode. I’m excited to watch the show evolve this season and I’m hoping you’ll weigh in each week too.

      1. You’re welcome! It will be very interesting to see how the show, the characters change over this season. I’ll certainly try to stop by each week to add my input.

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