Review: Heartland celebrates 125 episodes with fireworks and fistfights

Heartland celebrated Episode 125–making it the longest-running hour-long drama in Canadian TV history–with fireworks. As Amber Marshall told me recently, Prince Ahmed isn’t the type of guy to take “no” for an answer. So I wasn’t really all that surprised when he rode up to Amy moments after she had waved goodbye to Ty at the beginning of “Secrets and Lies.” And there really was no sugar-coating his comment that Amy looked beautiful: the Prince was there to ride off with her heart.

I can’t help but think he knew exactly what he was doing when he insisted on accompanying Amy back to Heartland; those few minutes were enough to get Tim thinking of landing deals with the Prince, Georgie upset with Amy all over again and Ty steamed his royal rival was back. Things only got worse when Ahmed asked Amy to accompany him to check out some horses; he made a side visit to a mansion he’s thinking of buying. You know, so he can be even closer to Amy. Sheesh. I have to give him credit for saying “I love you,” and getting things out in the open but I was relieved Amy nipped that in the bud and severed her relationship with him. (Things got a little dusty at my house during the conversation between Georgie and Amy about the video.)

Who else was surprised Amy, Georgie and Lou didn’t pull Tim aside when he showed up with Ahmed to tell him about that admission of love? If they had, it would have saved everyone from that super-awkward dinner and the massive “I hate you!” from Georgie. And while I was more than happy to see Ty deliver a head-butt and a punch to the Prince, I can’t help but think Ahmed will make life hell for him by laying charges on Ty or something. Or perhaps all he really wanted was to drive a wedge between the engaged couple. He certainly accomplished that.

Meanwhile, Ty’s new gig at the wildlife sanctuary has become more than a full-time job and Ben’s laid-back attitude when he was trying to woo Ty has been replaced–so far at least–by a stressed dude with an iPhone. Best moment of the night: Ty being spit on by an escaped llama. Second worst moment of the night: mama wolf dying and just one pup surviving.

Worst moment? Ty saying the following to Amy while “Say Something” played in the background: “Sometimes we lose things and no matter how hard we try to hold on, and without even knowing it, we’ve lost it.”

Thoughts on 125 episodes, and last night’s episode

  • How lucky are these folks to film Heartland in such a stunning location? I jealously pine for the foothills of Alberta every Sunday night
  • Is it just me that has the show’s the theme music stuck in their head? Between that and Murdoch Mysteries, my mind is full of CBC show tunes
  • Do you think Tim should really go on the rodeo tour? Part of me says yes, but the thought of him being away from Heartland for an extended period of time would be a bummer. Who would Jack tease?
  • “I have a sore knee today Lou. And I bet if I looked up ‘sore knee’ on the Internet I’d find a bunch of articles and opinions making me think I have to have my whole damn leg taken off at the hip.” Reason No. 456 why I love Jack
  • I’m a little conflicted over Lou making such a big deal out of whether Katie was behind on her skills. I understand Lou wanting to make sure her daughter had all the help she needed, but she was going a little overboard, no?

Heartland airs Sundays at 7 p.m. on CBC.


8 thoughts on “Review: Heartland celebrates 125 episodes with fireworks and fistfights”

  1. I need to bingewatch the first 3 episodes if this season sometime soon. I agree with you–the setting is beautiful and it’s a major reason I like this show. I wonder how much longer the series will run.

    1. Is it to much to ask to have Hartland on for many years to com as it’s such a great show for all ages!

  2. If they divide Ty & Amy again and not have them marry our household will not support Heartland

  3. Loved last night’s record-breaking episode of Heartland. Great review and thanks for opening new audience to Canada’s favourite family drama. I look forward to coming back to your site to see future reviews.

    1. Thanks Wendy. As a relative newbie to the show myself, it’s been a lot of fun to watch.

  4. Tim was at hs best dumb-o-matic self, but even I couldn’t blame him for inviting Ahmed, because the Heartland men did not know the truth before Georgie’s outburst. My fear, so to speak, is that the script wtiters will take Amy’s rejection of Ahmed to the extreme – my guess is that we haven’t heard or seen the last of him…

  5. I turned off the tape at least once while watching the latest episode (and walked away); I think it was more personal for me but the show was hard to watch at times.

    When Amy and Ty are doing well and the show is hopeful, even if you’re not in a relationship, the show is more enjoyable to watch – of course keeping their relationship realistic/interesting means there must be conflict, more than just “I don’t agree with your diagnosis Amy!”

    I’m a bit fed up with Lou and think that someone needs to help her adjust her attitude, especially regarding the prince.

    I can understand Georgie’s immature and quick rush to judgment of the prince but Lou sounded more than just a little hypocritical considering she manages to get what she wants, sometimes through manipulation (or whining as Peter has said).

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