Review: Chris Brody returns to Haven

If only Chris Brody had flown to Haven, perhaps the town wouldn’t be in the pickle it is now. Instead fans had to settle for Chris (Jason Priestley) and his charms via Skype as he attempted to stop Dr. Charlotte Ross from investigating the weird wound on Dave’s leg. Dave rightly supposed that once Charlotte laid eyes on Chris–and was affected by his charm Trouble–she would lay off her investigation of the town.

And it worked. For awhile. Unfortunately, a double Trouble (the ghost of a dead father in a bear suit and bubbly lip disease) revealed the Troubles to Charlotte and she called the CDC to order a big “Quarantine” sign plopped down over Haven. Duke–with some help from an electrical Trouble–took out the cell tower and ended her conversation, but I’m not sure that will stop her for long. Again, if only Chris was there to apply salve to the situation. She certainly won’t be trusting Dwight anytime soon. And that’s too bad, because I really liked the fact that he and Charlotte were bonding over lobster and their military backgrounds (she from the Navy and he an ex-Ranger). It was definitely taking away the sting of Dwight losing his sister to her Trouble in Cincinnati.

Getting back to Dave for a second; his latest dream had him looking through the eyes of someone at the site of the tree carved with Croatoan, surrounded by dead bodies and a black smoke (the aether?) beckoning to a thinny shimmering in front of that person’s eyes. Are these dreams from the other side, or are they placed in the present’s past? There weren’t any answers to that one, and I don’t suppose there will be any soon, seeing as the major storyline will be the outbreak and Charlotte for the immediate future.

Meanwhile, Mara used her feminine wiles–and I think her first shower in weeks–to woo Duke. Duke, who is always left just on the outside of Haven’s in-crowd, fell for Mara’s body and her mind games. By episode’s end he had sided with Mara, who described them both as outcasts that should be taking down Haven together. Duke’s sudden switch to the dark side was stunning but not unexpected. As several readers have hinted over the past few weeks, Duke may have separated Mara and Audrey with the intent on keeping Mara for himself. If that’s the case, joining her in the cause to fight back against Audrey, Nathan, Dwight et al. makes total sense. And they would be a powerful pair.

I think the citizens of Haven has better watch out. The disease outbreak and the CDC may be the very least of their Troubles.

Notes and quotes

  • Why did everyone run when the bear took his head off to reveal a blasted-off head? This is Haven and weird stuff happens all the time. Maybe they were tourists.
  • “It’s the locals. They get upset when we run out of lobster.”–Dwight, after Charlotte heard screams
  • Kudos to Dwight for still being able to eat after Charlotte talked about oozing pustules
  • “You’re on with each other. And yes, it’s weird.”–Duke to Audrey and Mara
  • “What if my bears expose us all?” Only in Haven

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8 thoughts on “Review: Chris Brody returns to Haven”

  1. That dead-father-in-a-bear-suit Trouble has to be one of the most bizarre I’ve seen yet. It was also a great moment when Audrey realized that this Trouble was previously resolved by herself–as Lucy–decades earlier.

    It was cool to have Dwight back in the mix after a 2 week absence, but things weren’t easygoing for him as he had to juggle protecting Haven’s secret and muzzling Charlotte as diplomatically as possible. It’s a testament to the two actors that their bonding & burgeoning friendship was so strong that you could almost feel the Charlotte’s betrayal & anger at the (seemingly) nefarious secrets being kept from her. Also, Dwight mentioned he was leader of the Guard, but I thought Vince was. Do they share that role? Did Vince give that up? Am I missing something?

    And speaking of the Guard, it was nice not to see them lurking around every corner waiting to give Audrey the stink-eye or kill her or whatever. Have they just conveniently given up on that for this week, or have they just reigned in their behaviour now that Dwight’s back in town?

    Finally, helllooooo, Mara! Gotta say that scene where she stepped out of the shower in front of Duke was pretty hot. His restraint on not joining Team Mara right then and there was impressive.

    Can’t wait to see how things are resolved next week!

    1. Yeah, Dwight took over leadership of The Guard at the end of last season. The members were concerned with the way Vince was running things. Totally agree that it was nice not to have The Guard around this week. I was on a conference call with Edge and Christian yesterday; Christian drops by to play Dwight’s longtime Ranger buddy in a few weeks. Should be a lot of fun. Also, Adam “Edge” has become a very solid actor over the course of the last two seasons.

  2. I understand that Duke would be almost easily persuaded by Mara to join “the dark side,” but (as I have said before) if Jennifer was alive this would not happen. Duke and Jennifer were perfect together and I think they were their OWN incrowd. Oh, by the way, how will they be able to get rid of Mara, anyway?

      1. I guess you’re right about Mara. I am just tired of this “Audrey split-personality thing”. Could they possibly bring back Jennifer? This is Haven with its “anything possible” reality. I guess I sound like a broken record. Oh well, I am an incurable romantic.

        1. I got the feeling the actress who played Jennifer asked to leave the show but I may be totally wrong about that. I dunno. I thought she was great.

          1. Yeah I think she was great also, and she had incredible chemistry with Duke. Oh well, Haven does have a new hold on me with the strange new doctor who really isn’t from the CDC. Where in the world did she come from?!

          2. Ug, I totally missed that she is not in fact from the CDC. JeffDJ and I were trying to figure out how the CDC knew about Dave’s leg because the Teagues had gotten the sample so it never went to the CDC. That explains everything. Well, at least that part.

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