Review: Bachelor Canada shocker: Tim chooses his lady love

After all of the drama surrounding April’s performance at the end of last week’s start to The Bachelor Canada season finale, I would have been shocked if Tim Warmels had chosen her over Trish. It seemed to be a no brainer. Trish was outgoing and April wasn’t. Trish was sure of her feelings and April waffled. Tim’s parents liked Trish and were dubious of April.

So, who did Tim choose after all of these weeks of tears and tribulation, brashness and booze? After summarizing that he only wanted to move forward with someone who wanted to be there, April suddenly had a change of heart and wanted to stay.

“Today is a good day,” she told Tim upon meeting him for an impromptu sit-down at the beach.

“That’s the best news I’ve heard from you all day,” Tim responded. One long kiss and a special note later, and April was back in the hunt for the bachelor’s heart. But would she steal it away from Trish?

For her part, Trish was confident in her chances with Tim and he admitted to having no questions regarding her feelings towards him. They even put a padlock on a love fence to prove their warm and fuzzies for each other. A brief meeting with Michael Hill, who pulled some diamond rings out of his leather satchel, and Tim was ready to propose. But who would it be to?

I guess someone’s going to have to go down and dig for the key to unfasten that padlock because Tim chose April. I can only surmise that Tim is looking for someone to protect rather than a gal who is sure of herself because his decision seemed out of character. Maybe it was the fact that Trish is an Edmonton Oilers fan vs. Tim’s beloved Maple Leafs. At this point I’m grasping at anything that makes sense. (As an aside, I thought April’s dress looked like it belonged at a Grade 8 prom rather than the coast of Tahiti.)

The After the Final Rose special was pretty much what we’ve come to expect from the franchise, with Trish confronting Tim over his decision and the reunion of the happy couple. Among the tidbits of information host Tyler Harcott was able to suss out by the end of the episode:

  • Trish has learned a lot about herself
  • Trish’s favourite moment was her date with Tim in Italy
  • Trish isn’t mad at April
  • Tim has fallen in love
  • Tim goes commando
  • There are wedding plans

What did you think of this season? Did Tim choose the right girl?


2 thoughts on “Review: Bachelor Canada shocker: Tim chooses his lady love”

  1. I can see why he chose April (she’s beautiful) but looks don’t last forever, Trish seemed much more genuine,grounded and mature and she is also gorgeous.Often with men, their hormones make the decisions , not their minds.From what I can tell, that’s what happened in regards to Tim choosing April.

    1. If both of you really took the time to watch the show you all would not make the comments you all made. You people make it seem as if Tim had gone ahead and selected the other chick he would have made the right choice? What nonsense , the man followed his hearth, he picked who his heart connected with. I guess you people don’t understand that also..

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