Review: Blackstone goes “Deeper and Deeper”

Tuesday’s new episode of Blackstone was called “Deeper and Deeper,” and from the outset it was obvious the title referred to Gail, Andy and Jumbo.

Gail’s descent into the rabbit hole of sleep to hide from the fact she stabbed Darrien advanced into dangerous territory. Her dreams were haunted by Natalie and soon her waking moments were filled by her too. Natalie asking Gail where Wendy had gone, taunting her to take more pills, imploring her to take a drink of alcohol (which Gail did) finally led to her offering Gail a knife and stating “there are faster ways to kill yourself.” Gail’s attempts to hide her lapses in time–and forgetting she had dropped Wendy off at Sarah’s house–were revealed to Leona, Marilyn, Wilma and Greg in a horrible public scene.

Actress Michelle Thrush won a Gemini for her role as Gail. It was well-deserved and she may just win a Canadian Screen Award this year. Her Gail is so tortured, so real, so pitiful … I wanted to look away but couldn’t, particularly when she was careening around the yard, trying to keep her numerous stories straight The only glimmer of hope by the end of the episode was that Leona realized how far Gail has fallen and will get her the help she so desperately needs.

Andy has been hitting the medication as well thanks to the stab wound he received last week. Of course, his father was there to mock and guffaw as Andy begged for more pain meds from the jail doctor. Angel, the stripper Andy shot to death, dropped by for a brief visit too, causing the former Blackstone chief to pee himself with fear. (Show creator Ron E. Scott advanced the overall prison story arc by having Andy converse with a young Native man who had been found guilty of manslaughter despite having an alibi. Andy promised to have his own lawyer look into the case, but he may be too drug-addled to make good on it.)

And finally there was Jumbo. Daryl’s right-hand man at the club has developed quite the addiction to online poker and was so desperate to play he took money from the night’s take to help supplant his gambling. He’s sinking deeper and deeper into debt (he’s going to lose the club’s money, of that I am sure) and Daryl is not going to be happy when he finds out.

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