Canada’s Smartest Person crowns its winner

A West Coaster has bested the rest of the country to become the winner of Canada’s Smartest Person. Vancouver’s Braden Lauer was triumphant during Sunday’s two-hour season finale on CBC, besting seven other finalists.

“Being on Canada’s Smartest Person has been the opportunity of a lifetime,” Lauer said via press release. “I hope winning the title inspires students and young people in the country to pursue their goals with passion and determination.” Lauer is in his second year of studying law at the University of British Columbia.

The past nine weeks have featured Canadians from varying backgrounds competing in mental and physical challenges devised to test their skills in math and logic, visual and spatial intelligence, body and kinesthetic intelligence, linguistics, musical intelligence and interpersonal intelligence. An ingenious Canada’s Smartest Person app enabled viewers to play along during and between broadcasts and revealed some startling facts about this country.

According to a press release issued by the CBC:

  • Waterloo, ON, emerged as the country’s smartest city
  • P.E.I. is Canada’s smartest province
  • Men outperformed women in the linguistic intelligence tests, which contrasts with scientific studies that suggest women have superior language and communication skills
  • Women excelled in social intelligence tests, scoring 6 percentage points higher than men overall with an average score of 62 points versus 56 points for men
  • Alberta emerged with the highest musical strength averaging 76 points across all music intelligence tests, while P.E.I. scored the lowest in this category with an average of 65 points

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