Review: Duke and Mara do the dirty deed in Haven

Well, Duke and Mara finally did it. Literally. The pair took the shipping mantle of “Dara” by consummating their relationship on a moth-eaten rug at the fishing cabin. To say I was disappointed is an understatement. To say I was surprised is just plain wrong. I give grudging props to the Haven writers’ room for coming up with a unique way to get Duke and Mara into bed–an expelled Trouble threatened to bake them unless it could be broken by him connecting with someone–but I call foul on the relationship.

As several readers have pointed out, it wasn’t that long ago that Jennifer and Duke were a much-loved item and the woman who killed her was the same gal he just got carnal with. I have a problem with that. Now Duke may end up regretting what just happened, but I don’t think so. After all, this is the same guy who pined for Audrey and now he’s got her. Well, a version of her at least. Haven certainly has a creative way of solving the love triangle.

“Reflections” also got into a battle for the aether, with Duke wanting it prior to his horizontal bop and Nathan and Dwight trying to stop him from taking it. Now a fourth person has entered the fray, a mysterious ball cap wearing dude sporting a Guard tattoo. Since Kirk is the only new character to grab any kind of airtime, I’m pretty sure it’s him.

Meanwhile, the Dwight/Charlotte relationship is starting to smoulder. He invited her out for dinner again but the pair had to call it off after the aether went missing and the latest Trouble–tied to low self-esteem–took up their time. Charlotte may not be from the CDC, but she’s not in a rush to reveal Haven’s secrets either. As a matter of fact, she’s grown more fond of the quirkiness in town, joining forces to stop that latest Trouble and further suppose that the Troubles are science-based rather than supernatural as everyone has assumed. Now that Nathan has stolen a strand of hair from her brush, perhaps we’ll find out just what Charlotte is up to and if it will affect her relationship with Dwight.

Notes and quotes

  • “You are the realest person I know. More real than me most days.”–Nathan
  • “It’s like she was a life-sized Mrs. Potatohead.”–Gloria, after a woman literally fell to pieces
  • “Would you step aside? My popsicles are melting.”–Mara
  • “I like pretty toes.”–Mara

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2 thoughts on “Review: Duke and Mara do the dirty deed in Haven”

  1. It sickens me that Duke and Mara did it. I am probably one of the biggest Duniffer lovers around, and he did betray their relationship. I don’t trust her, either. He is in for probably a sick and sad surprise.

    I love Gloria’s quote, “its like she was a real-life Mrs. Potato-Head.” She is usually pretty funny – love her!

    1. Gloria has all the best lines. And yup, I’m disappointed too. I’m sure the writers have it all figured out and it will make sense eventually. But not right now.

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