Comments and queries for the week of Nov. 28

Despite being a “bottle episode” designed to save production budgets from going overboard, this week’s episode of Murdoch Mysteries garnered a lot of praise from fans, especially for lead actor Yannick Bisson and guest star Nigel Bennett (above).

Yannick is a very underrated actor. We have not yet seen how good he can be. I look forward to the writers giving him something he can “get his teeth into” and really shine but still not lose the essence of Murdoch. I have no doubt that years from now we will be talking of the amazing things that he has done. As they say, the best is yet to come.—S

This episode was a showcase for the vast talents of the cast. It is, so far, my favourite. Nigel Bennett will be missed on the show even if for his contribution to a great tension simmering between he and Yannick Bisson. Brian Kaulback played his role superbly. I would like to see his character re-emerge in some capacity. In all, I would like to see more of this type of drama as opposed to bringing the “archvillan” back who torments Julia and William. I have never missed an episode and this show is only getting better!—Diehl

I believe that the interrogation scene between Giles and Murdoch will go down as one of the top moments in this series. For me it was a battle of wits and minds, as Murdoch tried to nail Giles, only for him to sly out of the way and strike back.—TJ

Meanwhile, a few readers reached out with their opinion regarding Bachelor Canada‘s Tim Warmels choosing April to be his bride-to-be.

I can see why Tim chose April (she’s beautiful) but looks don’t last forever. Trish seemed much more genuine, grounded and mature and she is also gorgeous. Often with men, their hormones make the decisions, not their minds. From what I can tell, that’s what happened in regards to Tim choosing April.—Joy

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