Continuum renewed for fourth – and final – season

It’s the end of the road for time travelling cop Kiera Cameron. Showcase announced Monday night that Continuum has been renewed for a final six-episode season.

“All great stories deserve an end,” Nichols said in a press release. “I am excited and grateful to finish Continuum with the riveting conclusion it deserves. This series finale is dedicated to the devoted fans who have loyally supported us since Day 1.”

Production on Season 4 is set to begin in Vancouver in early 2015 with broadcast of the episodes later in the year. The renewal comes amid months of speculation regarding whether the sci-fi series would return or not. Now we have the answer.

Created by Simon Barry, Continuum stars Rachel Nichols as Kiera Cameron, a cop from 2077 Vancouver who is sent back to present-day stop a group the terrorist group Liber8 from affecting the future. Aiding Kiera in her mission is Vancouver cop Carlos Fonnegra (Victor Webster) and computer whiz Alec Sadler (Erik Knudsen). Opposing her were Liber8 members Matthew Kellog (Stephen Lobo), Sonya Valentine (Lexa Doig), Lucas Ingram (Omari Newton), Travis Verta (Roger Cross), Jasmine Garza (Luvia Petersen) and Julien Randol (Richard Harmon).

Season 3 of Continuum ended in a cliffhanger, with an special ops army troupe from 2077 arriving in Vancouver to lay waste after Kiera and Brad activated the beacon and the death of evil Alec at the hands of good Alec. The episode was the No. 1 program of the night in key demos for all of Canadian specialty programming.

Continuum has been lauded with numerous award wins, including a Canadian Screen Award for Best Visual Effects for a Program or Series and Leo Awards for Best Dramatic Series, Best Supporting Performance by a Female in a Dramatic Series, Best Stunt Coordination in a Dramatic Series and Best Screenwriting for a Dramatic Series.

It airs in over 132 countries.


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  1. “‘Continuum’s award-winning success on Showcase is a testament to the quality of our Canadian original productions,” said Christine Shipton, Senior Vice-President, Content, Shaw Media. “With Executive Producer Simon Barry at its helm, the fourth and final season of ‘Continuum’ is bound to deliver a heroic conclusion to the futuristic series.”

    Yeah? Then why is it getting a micro-season? Because they wouldn’t acquiesce to your demands for massive financial concessions, perhaps? They wanted CBC-like cutbacks, no doubt, in terms of the budget and cast/crew salaries. This was a cancellation announcement for a show that’s been nominated for 60 or so awards from various N. American TV arts organizations with 19 wins? Nice way of treating your flagship show, Shaw and Showcase.

  2. I’m glad Continuum will get 6 episodes to finish things up. I really liked this show in the first season but found the second season so-so. The third season was good but at times I kind of got lost in everything that was going on. Maybe the writers wrote a little bit too much into the third season. However, towards the end of the third season I found the quality returned and I would have been really disappointed had the show been cancelled without a finale. I’m really thankful that so many shows are getting chances to tie up lose ends and end things on a decent note rather than getting cancelled and the viewers left hanging as has been the case normally.

  3. Stinks that they only picked this up for 6 episodes. While its good to have an opportunity to wrap up, this show was great and had so much more depth potential. Showcase clearly demonstrates with this decision it has no vision for great shows. Too bad they could not sell it to another producer that would do this right and do at least another full season and better yet multiple full seasons.

    1. I’m a little befuddled as well. The show airs in over 130 countries, including the U.S., and yet they couldn’t make a whole season happen? Especially since Shaw makes a point of trumpeting the 2.5 million who watched the series and made note that the season finale was the No. 1 show on specialty that night.

  4. Continuum Last Six Episodes Suggestions

    Greetings Syfy !

    I was reading all the negative feedback online for season three from good fans of your show Continuum and have a few suggestions for the last six episodes if you want to square things with the plot line and your fans. BTW I love the show.

    This isn’t hard to do if you look at the problems some of the third season plot twists created and map the great solutions that are possible for season 4: could you please send these solutions to the producers of Continuum – Thanks !

    Here are the problems created by season three:

    1 – Fans did not care for how quickly Kiera gave up the idea of returning home to her son and husband – the blogs mentioned they felt it was a betrayal of her character

    2 – Early Episodes and repeated flashbacks seemed to indicate the husband knew more than he was saying but this was never resolved leaving a huge hole in the over all story

    3 – Kagame was dismissed to easily as a crack pot without true vision to change things and so the third season theme was ‘nothing really matters what we do’ which is a betrayal of the series concept that revolutionaries were going to set matters right and Kiera might switch sides to support the defeat of the corporations thus joining Kagame and company under new rules of engagement

    4 – This might actually be the biggest flaw of season three – Kiera number one had a bullet in her head and the true fans were shocked at the cavalier way Kiera number two was conducting herself and locking lips in short order with a complete stranger who BTW was the one who shot her in the head

    5 – Betty was mercilessly murdered to elicit an emotional reaction – any writer who uses killing off main loved characters as an emotional tool is not fully invested with these created characters as the fans are.

    6 – Alec killed himself – a really bad move by the writers since they accelerated the sadistic nature of Alec and accomplished nothing meaningful for the series legacy.

    7 – Carlos Fennegra did not appreciate his original partner being shot in the head and did not really know where he was or what he was really accomplishing.

    8 – A weird time traveler lurks in the background – this is a mistake – the character is a distraction from a possible noble conclusion and a time waster (pun intended) – lose this character fast

    9 – Matthew Kellogg is left in charge

    10 – Warriors from the future emerge on the scene to end the third season

    The following suggestions however you want to fit them into your ‘plan’ is how you fix all these problems and end the series on a very dramatic positive note

    1 – The series hinges on the good moral fiber of four people in particular and possibly a few others added at the end: Kiera, Alec, Carlos and Betty. A high note for season three was when a team was forged between the rebellion and Kiera’s team including Alec and Carlos.

    Scenario: Season 4
    First Kiera and the new guy from the future evade the future time traveling warriors. She parts company with the new guy from the future to follow a lead.
    Alec left a back door into the main frame so he could remote access into his server array at a future time when needed. In going over the data stream he notices an added protocol that gives full control to the corporations over governmental decisions Earth wide. It is later learned that the weird time traveler with dreadlocks is the culprit in influencing Matthew Kellogg to also implement this into the new devices. The time traveler is evil and from a time distant from 2077.
    Kiera realizes her love for her past family is too strong to give up on and that the schmuck she has been shacking up with from the future is just a mercenary. She severs ties with him. And resumes her quest to reunite with her family. In the process the evil time traveler is killed when that time line implodes because of all the anomalies that were created in season 3.
    She assembles the team again comprising of Liberate, Julian, Carlos, and Alec and begins a new frontal assault on the time line. Alec determines that to fix things they need to use the principles of Kagame and Thesius combined to shape a change for the benefit of all people. As a team they enable the time travel apparatus and return to a time just before the events that sent Liberate members and Kiera to 2012. They do this just in time (pun intended) as that time line implodes with everything around them dissolving and exploding.
    This new forged team is now all back in 2077. This will allow the writers to visit events that Kiera’s husband knew about before the prisoner execution. And explain his apprehension before the execution went bad. The writers can play with this as they see fit. But eventually the nice thing about this script is the first Kiera ends up with her family. The second Kiera will return to a time that the writers can call ‘shaped time’ where in theory all the duplicates will become one with the originals in 2012 keeping their acquired knowledge of all events thus insuring the fixes in 2077 that divest the corporations of power will be unchallenged by them.
    Time markers are set throughout this era called sequencers or convergence stabilizers that will prevent these times from being altered ever again.

    Kiera number 2 ends up with Carlos back in 2012. All of the Liberate team survive. No one is killed for false emotional sympathy. The self sacrificing Travis is reunited with Sonya and healed from his battle wounds.
    In the future past 2077 there can be a scene where a time capsule from the 2012 team wishes the 2077 team well.

    Thus a good and happy ending to Continuum. The teams are victorious and together in different times.

    I hope you use this

    Thanks !


    PS – I work in IT so all of these concepts have been tested (just kidding)

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