Review: Lost Girl visits Valhalla

While I’m all for movies wrapping up a series that came to an unexpected end, I’m happy to see Lost Girl joining the ranks of Canadian series that have known the end was nigh and been able to plan accordingly. And maybe especially for a show like Lost Girl, that has such a deep, complicated mythology that—at times—felt like it was getting murkier as the story went on. Knowing that the answers are (hopefully) all going to come out in the next 16 episodes is, in its own way, a relief.

Or at least, that’s the upshot I’m going with now that I have to say goodbye to yet another Canadian series this year.

Lost Girl didn’t waste any time getting to some of those answers—even if it technically has the extra time to play with—and Bo managed to find the missing Hell Shoe in the first minutes of the opening episode (and take out a trio of creepers along the way). Although, I don’t know that just letting herself drop from an eagle’s nest was the best idea unless she was already counting on sucking the life energy out of some hikers. And I would have liked an idea of how she found the mythical other shoe after such a big deal had been made about reuniting the pair to at least explain why this only happened now.

Though perhaps in the long run managing to locate the shoe (and re-find the other one) were minor details in an episode that had to explain the inner-workings of Valhalla to us, and with minimal help from Tamsin. Or rather, and far more to the point of any fan that’s been waiting in agony for Lost Girl to return ever since Season 4’s harrowing finale, the story of the shoe was really about getting Bo and Kenzi back together again—and once that happened I don’t think anyone cared if the devil (or mistress) wore Prada or hemp because the girls were eating Chunky Monkey.

I had a sinking feeling in my stomach as Bo approached Kenzi’s room thanks to the ominous and not to hopeful comments the showrunner and producers have been making all summer that she was going to find something terrible there instead. But then it started to look like last season’s double death was going to end up being a fake out—or at least looked like a partial fake out when Kenzi was returned unceremoniously to her body, which happened to be inconveniently located in a coffin, underground. I was torn between wanting Kenzi and Hale to head off into the Bifröst together—as heartbreaking as that would be for the friends—if only to give the girl the happy ending Bo was right in saying she deserved, and having the friends live out this last season together on Earth. Since the series has been given its chance to say goodbye, it was good that Bo and Kenzi got that chance too, even if it looked like that might not have been necessary.

But with Ksenia Solo listed as a special guest in the end credits, I don’t know that the goodbyes were entirely pre-emptive. Now that Kenzi knows Hale is there and their marriage something Freyja (Michelle Nolden, Saving Hope) was more than happy to arrange, I can see her opting—now that she’s gotten out of her deal with Bo’s father—to return to Valhalla and the wedding (and, I assume, put the kibosh on Freyja’s plan to take another soul from someone close to Bo). I just can’t help but wonder if Bo is going to get out of wherever that elevator shaft is taking her before Kenzi makes that decision, or what would happen if Kenzi leaves for a second time without telling Bo.

And while it didn’t seem like Dyson and Lauren had too much going on in comparison to Bo heading off to meet her father, I feel like the episode did a great job raising the stakes for everyone. Whether it’s potential fallout from Dyson and Lauren trespassing in Valhalla as Freyja ordered Stacy to take another soul, or Tamsin’s bout of Valkyrie resting face leading to Bo doubting her again, or even Lauren turning to Tamsin and Trick to help Bo, there’s a sense they’re all ready to start making sacrifices to settle things once and for all. Which should mean plenty of answers and fun for us.

Lost items:

  • I’m not one to judge how someone snacks, but why did Tamsin have the world’s sharpest knife next to her while chowing on a sandwich?
  • Did anyone else get confused by all that white light and think for a second that Hale might be an angel?
  • “Please tell me that’s your resting Valhalla face.” This is why we need Kenzi for the final season.
  • And I’m calling it now: the answer to the Bo/Lauren/Dyson love triangle is her being with both of them. Digging Kenzi up is bonding time.

Lost Girl airs Sundays at 9 p.m. ET on Showcase.