Review: Lost Girl looks for a leader

“Strong, merciless, vulnerable,” were the words Bo used to describe a good leader in Sunday’s Lost Girl. While the episode may have only touched on the big mysteries unveiled last week as Bo and Tamsin took on a case of the week, in the end Musashi’s story did feed into the season’s bigger arc as Bo questioned what being the Chosen One meant for her and those around her.

And it was the vulnerability aspect that was most important in “Big in Japan,” not just for Musashi and his faux-claim to fame, but for Bo who was coping with Kenzi’s departure in obvious (see: decorating) and less obvious (see: not taking in chi) ways. While Bo may have been able to spot Musashi’s resistance to embrace his own vulnerabilities, in the end it was Tamsin who had to force Bo to confront hers—a nice parallel that ended up moving Bo’s evolution along in an episode that original seemed like it was going to kill time with a case of the week.

For all her bravado going into hell, confronting what may have been the arm of her father and coming back out (with the world’s worst candle) Bo’s challenges this season look like they’re going to be delving into the most personal, and possibly fragile, parts of her life. The show has already alluded to her father’s dark nature and a big part of what’s to come for Bo must be accepting whatever influence that has had on her without letting it define her. But as she pointed out, being who she is has also already cost her plenty and taking time to acknowledge that loss, especially in the face of losing Kenzi, is rightfully another part of her role she has to live with. Though what makes Bo a better leader that Musashi just might be her willingness to see leadership, and its cost, for what it really is and not just the glory of a bar full of Fae wanting to be like her.

Although—and maybe it’s blasphemous to say this—it was pretty fun to see Tamsin helping Bo with this week’s case and stepping into that empty spot next to her. While nothing could replace all of Bo’s years with Kenzi, those heartfelt moments in Lauren’s surgery were a good reminder for Bo that she’s still got plenty of friends with her. And while Tamsin may have a number of strikes against her, she rightfully got recognition for knowing a bit more about her roommate than she’s been given credit for. I expect she’ll been taking Dyson’s suggestion that she leave the shop and join the family business pretty soon, if not in the coming week. Though with this season set to deal with daddy dearest, I don’t know how much time they’re going to have to take cases—even if they do fit as neatly into the story as this Sunday’s.

It was also another week of Dyson and Lauren teaming up with their sass providing a nice counterbalance to all the flirtatious teasing going down between Bo and Tamsin (the writers are just playing with us, right?). There’s a bigger sense of the stakes the season is building towards whenever these two talk since their main common ground at the moment is Bo and how to help her survive what’s coming. Given their flirt-free zone, I’m actually digging the friendship between these two since Dyson’s down a buddy, and the combination of Dyson’s training and Lauren’s science-savvy made for a pretty sweet takedown of the first Fae to come for her.

Though Lauren might need more than her wrist and some ketamine if elevator-lady is still in the lab when Lauren returns to work because I’m getting the sense—from the maniacal face, resurrection stunt and neck snapping—that she’s not your average baddie. I guess the question we’re left with, aside from last week’s “who is she?” is whether she’s very, very old or really new. Any bets?

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