Review: Mohawk Girls go to “Freaksville”

Written by Carolyn Potts

So often other people make us feel as though we are just complete aberrations of society. We are made to feel as though our wants or desires are wrong by mainstream standards. Or, we feel that those we care most about are on an unsuitable path that we feel compelled to alter. This episode entitled “Freaksville” explores exactly this and nicely sets the stage for the next episode entitled “What’s Your Number”. Both deal with understanding who you are and where you belong in life, but this episode focuses on the emotional perspective in a very playful manner.

We have three main story lines this week: Bailey feels at odds with the constrictions of life on the rez, Zoe is coming to terms with her freakish beast, and our loveable Caitlin finds herself a fish out of water with Butterhead and his mother. Anna does not figure prominently this week as she is recuperating from the beating she took at the hands of Mean Girl Vicky (Rachelle White Wind) at the conclusion of “Building a Nation”. Anna is however, still hat girl, an outsider with her abnormal styles and interests, even with “be still my beating heart” Thunder at her side.

Our girls throw a celebratory party for Caitlin and Butterhead. Butterhead the Blockhead arrives to the party, with his freakishly rude table manners on full display, thoroughly embarrassing Caitlin in front of her friends. Still, Caitlin trusting that Butterhead the Warrior is still buried deep inside, agrees to move in with Butterhead and his “ma” (played by Esther Sky). We witness Caitlin and her struggles to exercise patience as she tries to adjust to her new family.

Meanwhile Zoe is confronted by a confused Caitlin for her outrageous fetish outfit. With the knowledge that Prim and Proper Zoe secretly owns some freakish outfits, the girls decide to mount the exact same intervention they attempted on Caitlin last week. Zoe tries to explain that she doesn’t have to live up to anyone’s expectations at these parties. Being the supportive friends that they are, Caitlin and Bailey agree to attend one of these parties in the hopes of understanding what it I that attracts Zoe. The “Freaksville” costume party, as outrageous as the experience is for GOGO Bailey and Mistress Caitlin, is also a strangely liberating experience for our girls as they let their freak flags fly. After all what happens in Freaksville stays in Freaksville. Knowing she has her friends’ acceptance of her secret, Zoe now has the confidence to stand up for herself.

With Anna keeping a low profile Mean Girl Vicky turns her vitriol on Bailey, declaring Bailey will end up a spinster. After all, she cannot even keep a white guy. Sose (Bailey’s Father) and Auntie Velma comfort Bailey as she grieves the loss of Jack but in truth, they are elated that the short lived romance is done. Sose and Velma believe a mixed culture relationship would be the end of their world (more on this in the next episode). Bailey blames the community for driving Chicken Hearted Jack out of her life. She believes liking a white boy shouldn’t be the end of the world but to most of Kahnawa:ke it is. It spells the end of Kahnawa:ke. At odds with both her family and her community, Bailey realises that she just wants to be who she is and enjoy what she likes. She needs more stimulation than Kahnawa:ke can provide her. She refuses to settle and by the episode’s end she makes the decision to move to the city.

We should also note that a number of small comments by Caitlin came up throughout the episode setting the stage (I think) for another interesting future storyline involving her mother. What do you think? Will Zoe get caught with up with her leash in a compromising position? Will we ever get to see Butterhead the Warrior? How will Bailey make it alone in the city? Let me know in the comments!