Comments and queries for the week of Dec. 26

The bulk of this week’s comments had to do with the results of our year-end poll where Lost Girl came out on top as your Favourite Canadian TV Show of 2014. 

You name some great shows. Have you tried watching Lost Girl? And Big Brother is the same American or Canadian and supports us Canadians. The point of these polls is so we can get Canadian shows out there so people are like, “I’m going I binge on this Canadian show.”–Chelsea

Canadian dramas are not glitzy like most U.S. shows, but that’s what’s great about them. I watch most–Heartland, Blackstone, Arctic Air etc.–it’s like I’m walking out my front door and right into them … real, believable people. Heartland is at times is a bit “corny” but if it doesn’t bring a tear to your eye, you’re not human!–John

And a few fans had something to say about the most recent episode of Saving Hope too.

I find it hard to believe that Joel fought hard for Alex all this time and when he had her, he messed up like that. I know Daniel Gillies is juggling two shows but it was unbelievable. They should have found another way to break them up.–Evelyn

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