Review: Blackstone ends with uncertainty

And just like that, Blackstone‘s Season 4 finale was upon us. Unfortunately, we didn’t get a lot of closure.

Instead, “There Will Be Blood,” written by Damon Vignale and Ron E. Scott, had more of a mid-year finale feel rather than season-ender. An eight-episode run will do that, especially when compared to 13 or 22 instalment seasons. A part of me wishes Scott had tied everything up nicely and there was resolution on all sides, but of course life isn’t like that, so why should a TV show like Blackstone?

If there was some sort of happy ending, Gail would be it. She’s been on quite the journey, diving back into alcohol and pills and managing to lose custody of Wendy in the process. After seeing Dr. Crowshoe, she’d begun to turn things around, mending fences with Greg, Leona and the community by helping organize the Elder Feast and she was front and centre during the blockade against Shale. Sadly, it doesn’t look like Wendy will be returned to the ladies anytime soon: by episode’s end Darrien had scooped her up and escaped down the highway in a stolen car.

Speaking of Shale and the oil drilling, that was cleared up by episode’s end. Sort of. After stopping Shale from drilling on Blackstone land, the company had made an agreement with Daryl and Andy to test on their private land, meaning the Frasers could be in for a windfall of cash the band will never see, unless the old treaty is called into question. It’s not all good news for the Frasers, however. Alan suffered severe burns thanks to a Molotov cocktail thrown at the blockade and his status was unknown. I imagine Season 5–if one is ordered–will see this as a wake-up call to Alan to perhaps return to Blackstone and become a valued part of the community, perhaps even chief.

He certainly can’t do a worse job than poor Victor. Not able to live up to expectations with regard to keeping Blackstone’s financial affairs in order and waffling on the Shale deal, he’s ripe for being unseated.

Jumbo, meanwhile, had earned his way back into Daryl’s good graces. After returning the $55,000 he owed to his former boss, he was hired back on. I’m glad that storyline has been resolved, but I’m not sure where the money came from. Did Jumbo win it back while gambling, or did he kill Jack? That wasn’t clear, unless I missed something last week.

Like I said, I’m a little bummed so many loose ends were left untied by the end of Tuesday’s finale. The girls who ran the prostitution ring  in Edmonton were never caught, Victor’s budding romance never advanced past lingering looks and we never found out if the prison inmate who told Andy he was his son really was. I’m guessing at least one of those will be addressed–along with the other stories left unfinished–in Season 5.

What did you think of Season 4 of Blackstone? What questions do you still have after Tuesday’s episode?

Notes and quotes

  • Where can I get one of those sweet Blackstone jackets like the one Andy wears?
  • “You’re the only person in my fucked up existence who knew me. I mean really knew me.”–Andy at Deb’s grave
  • Every scene in Blackstone means something, including that shot of the oil drilling trucks blowing past a Blackstone member pushing a shopping cart full of empty cans for recycling