Comments and queries for the week of Jan. 2

Most people use the week between Christmas and New Year’s Eve to reflect back on the past year as well as look forward to the next, and readers were no different, planning the new Canadian shows they’ll be checking out as well as wondering what’s next for the folks at Saving Hope.

I’m excited about X Company, Book of Negroes and Ascension and cautiously optimistic about Young Drunk Punk and Schitt’s Creek. No mention of upcoming Space series Killjoys which is set to debut in 2015 too. As for returning fare, there’s plenty for me to be excited for as Hard Rock Medical, Vikings, Orphan Black, Bitten, Strange Empire, Heartland, Continuum, Masterchef Canada and Remedy will be coming back in the next few months. As for Strange Empire, the last two episodes brought me.back to liking the show–the standoff between Ling and John was great with Kat’s interference–I think the show does best when it doesn’t get too feminist–when both male and female characters have strong stories the show gets good.–Alicia


I cannot WAIT for Saving Hope to come back on Jan. 7–what an episode! Episode 9 was awesome too. Poor Joel marched off in handcuffs. It was of course self-defence but without proof, a trial could be risky. I get why Selena’s so closed off but it would have helped if Joel knew what was going on–I’m sure she suspected he’d show up at the clinic. I really like the clinic too, it’s been a great alternative to the hospital setting.

The pregnancy! What will Alex do? And just as she and Charlie have maybe possibly begun talking again.

The whole cast was great in this episode. Loved it.–Mandy

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  1. Wow TV, eh ! Stumbled on you last month, thanks for this website.

    And thank goodness for PRV, lookin’ to be a necessity to not miss all the great shows soon booting up.

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