Review: Lost Girl brings it

Finally, some answers. Or at least some massive hints as far as Lost Girl’s ongoing mystery of the elevator crash and its resuscitated bodies. After weeks of speculating about what could possibly be at the root of the unnamed woman and her troupe of undead, it seems we’ve finally got confirmation of my suspicions—we’ve got some devious Greek gods on our hands.

Although, that might actually be a bigger cause for worry considering the family dynamic of the threatening, glowing woman and Kevin Brown (or at least the god wearing Noam Jenkins’ skin like a flashy post-Jerry power suit), because the only Greek couple I know that could bicker like that would have to be top dogs Hera and Zeus. And if I learned anything during 10 years of Greek school (admittedly questionable), it’s that you really don’t mess with Hera.

Bo got a taste of that lesson this week, getting blown through a doorway and given a strange scar that won’t disappear, no matter how many girlfriend cards Tamsin tries to play. Still, at least the group finally knows what they’re up against and are now getting around to trying to fight it. Just in time too, if that Angel-esque nod to the apocalypse means some serious storms are coming to town. Considering what comes after the rains and flooding was enough to make Cassie and her family gouge their eyes out, this will probably require the full attention of the Fae. Any chance Lost Girl will burn the whole world down during its last season? Unlikely, but building towards that threat is a popular motif for a supernatural fighting drama to make its exit on, and it looks like that’s what we’ve got on our hands.

That, and clearly no resolution whatsoever to Bo and her wandering heart. After what struck me as quite the intimate moment with Tamsin last week, Bo was backpedaling hard, calling Tamsin her roommate and playing her against Lauren in what struck me as a particularly cruel—if dense—way. Surely by now Bo must also be picking up on the rising heartbreak vibes as she communes around the table with her trio of rotational lovers?

Still, at least it was Tamsin’s week in other ways as the series gave us our own versions of Bring It On and Friday Night Lights (“Clear Eyes Fae Heart”). Although I do think Tamsin’s takedown of the head cheerleader, pre-going full Valkyrie on her, was the more satisfying burst of athletic prowess—if only because everyone had been so sure Tamsin would fail at the task. It was a small bump in what was generally a bad week for the winged fighter, even if she isn’t yet aware of the dashed hopes coming her way as Bo bails yet again.

In perhaps slightly better news, Dyson’s love child, Mark, was taking a break from being an irksome pubescent boy in order to alert the others about Iris’ big boom hint. It probably helps that Shanice Banton (another Degrassi alum) as the mischievous Iris tends to rightfully reduce Mark to a quivering, silent mess while leading him along for her own pleasure/convenience. If there’s going to be any in with the gods, it’s probably her—though communicating through Mark probably isn’t the best way to get things done.

Meanwhile, we’re still left to wonder about what else the gods will be bringing with them (Herculids being the tip of that “classic” iceberg), what the triskelion is doing popping up everywhere and what will happen with Kevin Brown’s wife now that she’s on the trail of her husband’s corpse and obviously being offered up as an alternative interest for Dyson. Oh yes, and what Bo’s father—the Greek god of the Underworld—has planned with the world’s creepiest toy box. I’m not sensing a happy family reunion in the works.

Losing it:

  • Tamsin’s nightmare is my nightmare: “The drive-throughs were closed for ever. FOR EVER.”
  • Though still not as creepy as Bo’s dream about Lauren.
  • And speaking of Dyson’s new lady friend, who still prints photos? Especially ones taken with your phone…
  • “He’s famous now. He’s going to be on a protein bar.” Iris is easily shaping up to be my favourite new addition.

Lost Girl airs Sundays at 9 p.m. ET on Showcase.


2 thoughts on “Review: Lost Girl brings it”

  1. i think the photo given to dyson was printed because she wanted to give it to dyson. if its in her phone, cant possibly gave dyson her phone. and also give her an excuse to give him her number ;)

  2. “…the only Greek couple I know that could bicker like that would have to be top dogs Hera and Zeus. And if I learned anything during 10 years of Greek school (admittedly questionable), it’s that you really don’t mess with Hera.”

    Hello. Welcome to Lost Girl. Leave everything you learned about Greek mythology at the door. In fact, leave your Hamilton, Bullfinch’s, Graves, and Campbell on the doormat — because this is Lost Girl. Where Zeus is female (Zee) and Hera is male (Heratio). Where sirens can be male and mermaids live in hotel pools. And elevators take you from Valhalla to Tartarus.

    What struck me about Bo and her dream , when she woke up and called out Lauren’s name softly, looked over at the back of the blonde next to her and saw when the blonde turned over that it was Tamsin, and Tamsin starts chattering about her own dream, Bo’s face showed so much annoyance and her body language frustration, that only shippers wearing coke-bottle glasses couldn’t see the obvious dynamic happening between them.

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