Ratings: Canadian series rock the top 30 for January 12-18

In the Numeris ratings for January 12-18, Canadian scripted series earned five of the top 30 spots, including both episodes of Schitt’s Creek‘s double-header premiere:

  • # 14: Book of Negroes – 1.607 million
  • #16: Schitt’s Creek – 1.581 million
  • #17: Schitt’s Creek – 1.554
  • #19: Murdoch Mysteries – 1.387
  • #20: Saving Hope – 1.384

2 thoughts on “Ratings: Canadian series rock the top 30 for January 12-18”

  1. The first back-to-back episodes of Schitt’s Creek’s were shown on Jan 13, The next day, the media reported 1.4 million viewers (“Off to a dazzling start” announced the Toronto Star). Since then there have been two more episodes – and we have heard nothing. In so far as I think the puerile title is representative of the content – why the subsequent silence?

  2. There’s a lag in ratings reporting from Numeris – we’ll get the following week’s final numbers soon. The overnight numbers show a significant drop – still a decent rating on its own except it shows that many viewers fled.


    So you’re right, a network would only send a media release about numbers when they’re the kind of news they want (and usually they only do for premieres anyway)

    Bill Brioux is really the only journalist who publishes Canadian ratings regularly, and it’s usually on Twitter:

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