Tonight: Marketplace, The Fifth Estate

Marketplace, CBC – “Stash Your Cash”
It seems everyone is watching their money this time of the year. So, MARKETPLACE reveals three ways to protect your money, and keep it in your pocket: from a tourist fee you may not have to pay, to bank discounts they may not be telling you about, to questionable warranties. We send an Ontario couple to do some sleuthing at one of the top tourist destinations in Canada. We outfit them with hidden cameras and send them to Niagara Falls restaurants, hotels and other attractions – investigating a tourism fee that many businesses charge. Plus, we investigate extended warranties. Lots of people buy them to protect their digital devices. So what are you told at the time of purchase – and will it really protect you if something goes wrong? And, Erica Johnson looks into banking fees. The Big Five all offer discounted plans for seniors, so they can really save. But even after years of being a loyal customer, do they even tell you about them?

The Fifth Estate, CBC – “Pot Fiction”
Marijuana is supposed to be illegal but Canada is awash in pot. You can buy it openly in a surprising number of ways and places and the system for regulating medical marijuana is broken. Mark Kelley exposes some shocking Pot Fiction.