Comments and queries for the week of Jan. 30

This week’s comments and opinions centred around Kelly Lynn Ashton’s informative column that explains exactly what makes a Canadian television show, W Network’s announcement of Hockey Wives and love for Bravo’s 19-2.

Although it’s less scientific than this article and, admittedly, prone to inaccuracy, one thing I’ve noticed is the end credit “This is protected under the copyright laws…” blurb. If I’m curious about whether something is actually Canadian or if it’s simply filmed in Canada, I’ll check to see if it lists Canada at all (“i.e.: This production is protected under the copyright laws of The United States, Canada, and other countries”), and if it does it’s probably Canadian or a co-production. If it doesn’t mention Canada, that doesn’t prove it isn’t Canadian, but I’m not sure I’ve ever come across a blurb that did mention Canada that wasn’t for a Canadian production. Admittedly, you have to be the sort of person who freeze-frames at the end credits, or even skips to the end credits first, which, y’know, probably is little too obsessive for most people. :) —D.K.

Though I HATE HATE HATE reality shows like The Real Housewives, The Bachelor, Honey Boo Boo, etc., the sociologist and hockey fan in me wants to check Hockey Wives out. I, admittedly, really liked the short-lived CBC series MVP which was a fictional look at the lives of hockey wives.—Ally

I have watched 19-2 from the very beginning on Bravo. You get to see how the officers on the front line face each and every day. I also can understand why most people have not heard of this great show or a number of other shows on Bravo. When you look on the schedule for Bravo all you see most of time are reruns of Criminal Minds, Blue Bloods, Person of Interest, Missing, etc. Only if you are an avid TV watcher do you know when and where to look. Maybe if they had more shows people would watch.—Barbara

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  1. I am also a fan of 19-2. I do not typically watch police dramas, but I was attracted to it because it is Canadian. I enjoyed the 1st season and the first episode of the new season was very good! I am hoping this strong return will continue throughout the whole season.

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