Comments and queries for the week of Feb. 13

There was a lot of interesting discussion regarding Rebecca Tucker’s piece in The National Post “At the Canadian Screen Awards it really is an honour just to be nominated.” Readers also weighed in on Diane and my discussion in our new column, He Said/She Said where we tackled Standalone or Serialized television shows and the latest episode of Saving Hope, which is headed for a two-part season finale.

I liked Strange Empire but I didn’t love it and part of the problem was because I found I cared more about certain storylines and characters than others and sometimes I found it didn’t flow well–relationships and characters weren’t developed enough to support a particular plot. For instance, I didn’t buy very many of the relationships on the show (i.e., Kat/Caleb, Briggs/Chase and the relationships between Kat and her adopted children) as they seemed too rushed or contrived and manipulated to suit the story.

There weren’t enough little moments, especially with Kat’s character, to make me a real fan of certain characters. There are benefits to sticking standalone episodes into a serialized series, numero uno being that standalone episodes often help to promote character growth by showing the little moments between characters. Just look at another Western drama, set in the same era, Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman, which had plenty of standalone episodes but plenty of character growth at the same time which really helped viewers invest more in the season-long arcs that occurred.—Ally

No idea what I would have done in Zach’s position [on Saving Hope]. Doctors are supposed to keep their personal feelings at back while they’re at work but I think a person has every right to know if their spouse has such little time left. Travis’ story was interesting but can’t agree more that he needed a huge chill pill. Shouting like that isn’t going to get you discharged any sooner.

Nice twist on the taxi driver ghost. Not that I expect Alex would say yes to Joel (I’d be beyond shocked) but it will be interesting to see if Charlie or Joel gets to talk with Alex first next week.—Hallie

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