Interview: Dr. Grace finds love on Murdoch Mysteries

“Toronto’s Girl Problem” was notable for a couple of reasons. Firstly, it introduced viewers to another member of Inspector Brackenreid’s family. His nephew, Charlie (Charlie Clements, EastEnders), had come to the constabulary as a fresh start after witnessing the death of his partner back in London. It gave a fascinating tease into what sort of bloke Brackenreid is.

But Monday’s latest Murdoch Mysteries episode also brought Dr. Emily Grace’s sexuality out into the open. After allowing Lillian to undo her corset in “The Devil Wears Whalebone,” Emily went one step further at the end of last night’s episode, planting a romantic kiss on Lillian’s lips.

We got the episode’s writer, Michelle Ricci, to sound off on Emily’s sexuality and what it means for the future of Murdoch.

From what I understand, there were some notes from CBC regarding the scene between Lillian and Emily?
Michelle Ricci: I don’t know if it was CBC as much as it was everybody was a little bit nervous. There were discussions that I wasn’t a party to and Pete would come back and say, ‘These are some of the things that I’m hearing, but we’re going to stick to our guns and we’re going to do it.’ He did shoot the ending three ways. He shot it just with Emily walking in, he shot it with just the approach to the kiss, and he shot it with the full-on kiss. I’m glad that he used the full-on and that, ultimately, the network and Shaftesbury decided to trust us. We use kisses and physical contact so rarely on our show that when we do it, it really means something. That’s a part of the time—public displays of affection were not the norm—and it also goes to character. Our characters don’t run around making out all the time. It would feel weird in our world, so when we do do it it really means something.

I just think that, building all season to this moment and the corset being the pivotal moment—had we not gone for it and shown it on-screen—it would have felt like a bit of a cheat. I think it’s really important for Emily to go for it as well.

Do you think Emily realized what she was going to do in this episode, or was it at some other point in this season?
I think she was starting to figure it out in ‘Whalebone’ a little bit. When that corset comes off, you can see there is a mixture of excitement and apprehension. Georgina does such a good job in that scene, you really get the range of emotions that she’s going through in that scene. And it ends on an excited note rather than a nervous one. So coming into this episode, Lillian makes a couple of comments and Emily thinks, ‘OK, maybe this is something.’ But she’s still very hesitant until Brackenreid confronts her to grow up. She’s like, ‘Hold up, I am grown up and I’m going to do whatever I want.’ I think at that moment she decides to follow her heart. And her heart is with Lillian now.

I think it’s important to note that she isn’t falling for a woman. She’s falling for a person. She’s not turning gay on a dime. She isn’t all of a sudden discovering she’s a lesbian. This woman has opened her eyes to a whole world of possibilities. That’s an important distinction to not cheapen the relationships that she had in the past. She absolutely loved Crabtree. She was absolutely hoodwinked by Leslie Garland. This is a different person at a different stage in her life and a different journey for her.

It’s important that you say that. Is this an experiment on Emily’s part? How will this affect her relationship with George?
She really is falling for Lillian and wants to explore a future with her. Whatever form that future takes, she doesn’t know yet. It’s going to be difficult. And even though we have approached sexuality on the show before, we have never approached it from one of our main characters. It’s important that we do this. It’s a timely subject now, then, and forever.

We got a very touching note after the ‘Whalebone’ episode. A 14-year-old girl who, because of that episode, came out to her father. We were absolutely blown away and touched by that. You don’t realize, working in TV, how much power and influence you actually have on people, good and bad.

How do you feel about so much of a fuss being made about this storyline?
It seems like there are a lot of shows that are doing a lesbian storyline. We’re certainly one of the few that are treating it as an issue. We have to do that because of the historical context, but we’ve gotten some comments from people saying that because other shows have a lesbian storyline Murdoch has to do one. I actually think it’s great that we’re going gay, lesbian or transgender storylines in any capacity and not making it a big deal. That means that these people exist and live in our world and the way they live their lives is a valid one and it should be reflected on television. All aspects of life should be on television.

I am a bit sad when people tweet that if this is where we’re going with this character they’ll never watch again, but at the same time that’s kind of their loss. We make a good show and a lot of people work really hard to make a show that’s different, has something to say and tries to portray just how much we haven’t changed as much as how much we have changed.

Murdoch Mysteries airs Mondays at 8 p.m. on CBC.


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  1. I love Murdoch Mysteries, the characters are wonderful, the sets are outstanding and I look forward to each episode. The most recent one in which Dr. Grace followed her heart where it led her was amazing, gay, straight, whatever its about love and a person developing into who they are. Kudos to everyone involved.

    1. I think the CBC had this storyline to piss off prime minister Harper
      who is a fan of the show. More of the same unless funding is returned. Just kidding but seriously possible

  2. Relating to Monday’s episode with Dr. Grace – I was really disappointed that yet another good, family oriented show has caved in to the pressure of ‘other shows are introducing lesbian/gay relationships’ so we thought we would too. This is one household that will not be watching what was once a good, wholesome family program.

    1. Lol, so murders, beheading, physical violence and psychological killers are fun, wholesome family fare, but someone being true to themselves and finding love despite objections, that’s just too much for your family to handle.
      Oh boy…..

      1. Well said!! It’s ok for the little ones to see all manner of violent deaths but kissing between 2 women is the deal breaker for some people! Looks like some things haven’t changed much from the 1990’s!

      2. Amy, you are missing the point.
        I don’t think too many people would agree with you that the examples you listed are fun or wholesome family fare. Only that they are entertaining for young teens and up.
        What you are comparing these examples to is objectionable content in the minds of many viewers. So please be sensitive to that as well. Why do some people believe it can only go one way. I would not be surprised if this episode will be the beginning of the end for Murdoch Mysteries. Which is unfortunate.

    2. I must agree with W. Hibbins. I am so tried of this type of content. Why is it so difficult to stick to a great mystery show. I enjoy the who did it, without all the bloody graphic details. Why must we go into the intimate personal details of Dr. Grace. You haven’t even done that with Murdoch as a newly wed. Are you only looking for the shock value? What a way to that a perfectly great show and throw it into the trash.
      I will not be watching the show any more.

          1. Imagine what Southern US social media would have looked like during the civil rights era?

            ..actually, it’s not that much different today.

            If you’d stop watching a show you love because someone decided they have feelings for someone — which happened then, happens now, then as a person who writes TV (not Murdoch, but other TV) then I’d happily say don’t let the remote hit your bigoted ass on the way out. Social progress was good for the Toronto of 1901 and it’s good for right now.

      1. I didn’t see anybody pitching a horror when Dr. Ogden and Detective Murdoch were courting and smooching it up. Perhaps you have some residual homophobic issues that you’ve not quite dealt with yet?

      2. I agree with you, Marina. This is yet another show that has run for too many seasons, and now they seem to have dropped the comic relief we had in Crabtree and Higgins, only to go down the modern homosexual social statement path. My wife and I dropped Downton Abbey after the episode where Lord what’s-his-name said the gay footman (can’t remember his name either) was not at fault for sexually assaulting the other male servant in his bed. Couldn’t control himself, so the Lord claimed.

    3. I agree, the show was fantastic, focusing on historic events and imaginative writing. I am very disappointed…why ruin a great show?

      1. Totally agree
        Wrong decision to go down that path. Why alienate your viewers? Do you want to keep the show on the air or not?

    4. I too was very disappointed with that episode. I am surprised that Yannick, being a Catholic, would agree with it. There is no need to go that route. I may not watch MM any longer.

    5. I agree. Our family has watched the show every week for years.
      This week was our last.
      I find the comments that I am a bigot for these feelings or that it is my loss very disappointing.
      Too bad.
      We watched nearly every day at one time or another.

      1. You’re a bigot. You can be disappointed that people call you what you are all you want. But that’s what you are, and the great sweep of history is against you. History bends toward tolerance and justice. It brings me joy to see you have a smaller and smaller space within which you can share your close-minded views.

  3. If the writer is gay why the rest of the world have to put up with that. The show was suppose to be like murder she wrote…now is like Liberace´s mysteries. It is like George Lucas makes princess Leia a lesbian in start war VI or Han solo marry Chewbacca in the same episode.
    Michelle Ricci wrote 4 episodes but she kill the serie for 70% of the fans. I hope they cancel Murdoch, I won´t see it anymore.

    1. Wow – so many objections by so many people with so much unresolved homophobia … THAT’s what’s disappointing. The episode was handled with good taste and sensitivity – to be so offended by it is a sad testament, indeed.

      Family television? Just to mention, gay people have families, too. I’m not sure of the definition you use for ‘family television’ …

    2. I’m surprised you were able to follow the plot up til now. Because your comment is utterly nonsensical.

      I’m not gay, and will gladly include a gay character or theme in any show I write if it’s a good story or deepens an existing character. I do so because I enjoy people. And writing people.

      It’s going to be wonderful to see the ratings for Murdoch continue on its upward trajectory just to show you how out of step and irrelevant your 19th century views are.

      1. Thank you! Unfortunately I see some very close-minded people’s responses here. I loved watching “Bomb Girls” and a number of other Canadian & British series w/ lesbian characters. I’ve not watched much of MM, but it’s now on my radar. As a lesbian, who enjoys watching television, I do appreciate seeing lesbian characters, especially when they’re well-written and developed. So, thank you to the MM writers and any other writers who welcome writing stories for folks in the LGBT spectrum! Much appreciated, and hopefully it will broaden the horizons and minds of people! Thank you!

        1. Ratings for Murdoch this week on CBC were above 1.2 million — so right in the sweet spot where they’ve been killing it for a couple years. Clearly the bigots who stopped watching? Buh Bye. There aren’t nearly enough of you to matter.

  4. I am so excited and happy for this! I always loved when MM showed their strength with good episodes and this just means I have to seriously catch up! I still love Victor/Victoria (the episode) by the way!

    And I still remember the episode where they tackled Boston marriages and the tragic murder fueled by hiding their homosexuality! It pained me because it was so cruel but so true…like most of Murdoch’s mysteries.

    Basically I am excited and trust in the writers :)

  5. Gay relationship. Great, no problems. But problem here. Emilys character is totally going against who she is. A new world doesnt mean such drastic change. Its historically inaccurate if she comes out. Quit jumping on the need for a gay story and stick to the original premise.

    1. There’s no need for her to even be a lesbian to become involved with a woman. My first three girlfriends were straight, and continue to be so.
      Dr. Gray isn’t so much going against who she is, as much as simply being determined to not be told who she isn’t. I don’t get the sense she will ‘come out’ anytime soon, but rather that she’s prepared to explore a dalliance that opens her mind to the spectrum of sexuality – which is absolutely consistent with turn-of-the-century Canada, behind the scenes

  6. I appreciated the sincerity that went into the acting by Georgina Reilly last night. I am an avid watcher of Murdoch Mysteries and respect any story format they wish to explore. People, life and all relationships are multi-faceted. I keep an open mind and think that it simply is up to the viewer to decide for themselves what they expect from a television program. For myself Murdoch is about great acting, scenic settings and nostalgia about a time period I did not live in. It is poignant at times yet humorous as well. Keep up the great entertainment. You have provided myself hours of enjoyment!

  7. I don’t have an issue with Dr. Grace with a woman (though I’m not a fan of the woman she’s fallen in love with); I’d just prefer a little more attention to the mystery aspect and hope that there will be less of the personal aspect of everyone’s lives. I think it would be different if there was some detail between main characters, but I personally am not too interested about happens at home for any of the characters because it tends to get a little boring. As for people not watching the show because Dr. Grace happens to be attracted to a women, I think that’s unfair. I don’t feel that it is a trick to draw in viewers, but a reflection of the different lives that were lived. Not only that, but “Murdoch” has always been slightly progressive and has shown us that life was just as complicated, if not more so, in those days and our nostalgic view of Victorian/Edwardian times is slightly misplaced.

  8. Kiss Murdoch Mysteries goodbye. Guess I’ll have to find something else to watch in that time slot. Voting with my remote. There’s no mystery in carrying on a lesbian affair.

  9. The writing team, including my wife, wrote another fine episode. The performances were just as splendid. MM is Canada’s best show, well researched with a good amount of social commentary – “What Lies Beneath” also comes to mind – another exceptional episode.
    If you don’t like what you see because you are a bigot you can always turn your TV off. The rest of us are looking forward to another two seasons…if not more.

    1. I can only watch MM when they come out on DVD. I will look forward to this episode. Love the show . keep them coming. Live Yannick especially

      1. You seem to be a fan of historical things, so let’s look at the historical root of bigot. It’s a French word, 16th century,original meaning to connote a superstitious religious hypocrite.

        Yup. Sounds right. Don’t let 2015 hit your ass on your way out.

    2. If your wife is part of the ‘writing team’ I don’t think you should be on here calling those who oppose the storyline a ‘bigot’.
      That goes for everyone else also. You cannot control how people feel whether it is right or wrong. And you certainly can’t go around calling people names either. Everyone has some sort of bigotry whether it is sexually oriented, racial etc…
      The viewers are entitled to their opinions even if you don’t like it. No need to comment under every single post calling names. Its childish!

  10. Personally, I’m more offended by people dropping a show they claim to love because they introduce an LGBT storyline, especially when they claim it goes against “family values”. Any family that doesn’t value compassion, understanding, and acceptance of others is a family I don’t want to know.

    That being said, I was a bit worried that this storyline might be pandering just a little bit (you know what I mean; a young, attractive supporting character having a lesbian fling with an equally attractive woman, which just happens to air during sweeps….), until I read this article. I have faith in the show’s writers, though, and I’m looking forward to seeing how a lesbian relationship in turn-of-the-20th-century ultra-conservative Toronto plays out. (And if it does turn out to be pandering…. well, I’ll probably still watch. Can’t guarantee it won’t bug me if that turns out to be the case, though)

  11. I’m sure I’m going to get blasted for this, but I am a lesbian. I’ve watched this show since the very beginning. It’s CSI meets Canadian History meets the 1900’s. I’ve truly enjoyed watching the slow courtship between Murdoch and Dr. Ogden. I rooted for them since they laid eyes on each other.
    I just wonder why there is so much hate/dislike for the Lillian/Grace relationship? I find that this show is handling the new revelation very well. It’s in good taste. Nothing that I’ve seen on other shows. I’ve watched a lot of other shows that had the ‘lesbian’ storyline and it’s almost like watching porn – not a fan of that. But you never see an actual courtship between a gay/lesbian couples. It’s a nice change. I applaud those that are working on this show. I hope that you continue with this new relationship and that you continue to treat it with respect and dignity.

    Thank you,

  12. Yay Michelle. And I personally am pleased if narrow minded people done watch the show. Who would want to entertain them?

  13. My Mother and I enjoy your show tremendously. The historical aspect is one of the reasons. Why people refuse to acknowledge the reality of life, there was, is and always will be hetersexual, homosexual, etc. in our species. You have done a great job in presenting many truths and I applaud you on that. Your actors and actresses are fabulous. Please keep bringing to light the many realities of life on your show. Again fantastic all of you. Oh and your show gets taped so we don’t miss it..

  14. I have watched this show faithfully since it began and will continue to do so, although I was disappointed in Emily’s new found love relationship. Not because of the gay / lesbian aspect of it, but I was hoping she would rekindle her attraction to George. A story line around them would have been interesting and comical, because they play off each other so well. It seems like all the TV shows are incorporating a gay / lesbian person – how about more handicapped people being integrated into the TV shows too !!

  15. I was very very disappointed you would do that with a main character. It was bad enough that you implied it, but to have them kiss. Why does every good show have to go there?

    1. Because that’s what makes them good shows! They create situations that make us talk and debate, they develope characters so well that we care about what happens to them and makes their stories stay with us long after the show is over. How dull would it be if they recycled the same plot points every episode or have their characters never develope or grow. I appreciate how this show challenges me on EVERY level, not just an intellectual but on a personal and even spiritual level.
      I can see this storyline doing just that with our favorite characters. No matter how it turns out, it’s going to make for some pretty great television.

  16. It’s good that the writers are trying to promote acceptance and that Emily’s character is branching out. Despite that, there is something I have to point out. Homosexuality was illegal during that time period. If Emily or Lillian were found out, wouldn’t they both end up getting life sentences for this? And wouldn’t that mean the end to their roles on the show? If that is the case, this relationship would be destined for tragedy. Nothing against the couple, though.

  17. So all the people saying they’re quitting the show, that means we won’t see you commenting on stuff about future episodes right? Since you won’t be watching?

  18. Sorry but every time this show “ponders” issues, it gets lamer and lamer. Murdoch Mysteries doesn’t work as a social commentary. It works as a cozy mystery series with a historical perspective. I also thought the individual stories that belabored Julia’s deep dark secrets dragged along. Plus, I found them unconvincing and tangential. And that’s what I thought of last night’s story. No, sorry, I just don’t believe that Dr. Grace is a lesbian. It comes off more like somebody wanted to write a story that made her a lesbian. As the series runs out of creative fire, it resorts to the tactics of soap opera, dressed up as social commentary. I hope the writers get back to writing a decent, sometimes funny, cozy mystery with some vivid bits of history thrown in.

  19. We were disappointed to see the direction Murdoch Mysteries is going with the Dr. Grace storyline. We will have to reconsider whether or not we will continue watching this program.

  20. My bad for thinking that you live in the 21st century – perhaps you Dale need to balance your life and learn to embrace and love all people regardless of race, religion, sex, sexual preference et al.

  21. I should point out that some of the comments here are homophobic and should be considered hate speech. Some commentators ought to be reminded that hate speech is not protected by Freedom of Speech or the Charter of Rights. Here is a link
    If you are a bigot or a troll please feel free to not watch the show – that way the rest of us know that all MM fans are decent, open-minded people.
    My last post on this subject.

    1. There is no hate speech on here. haha Are you crazy?

      People are allowed to express their opinions on matters whether you agree with it or not. Im sure there are issues today that one could call you a bigot for but that only applies if you are against homosexuality is it?
      I don’t like what the writers did with Emily only for the pure fact that it seems rushed and just trying to gather ratings. Had we have seen some signals during the first or second season of Emily joining the show that would tell us she could swing both ways I would believe it. Instead, the writers had her making goo goo eyes at random men. I do see that her character is rebellious and out going, but that does not make one bi-sexual or lesbian out of the blue. Its completely unbelievable to me and this season has become more of a ‘soap opera’ then a murder mystery show. Again, another indication that the writers are trying so hard to cram every social issue that would pop up during those times into the scripts thus making them so forced, and out of the blue.
      Not everyone who hates this storyline with Emily & Lillian (who btw, is a rather unpleasant character) is a bigot, or homophobic. Just fans that watch enough tv shows (other than this one ) to know when writers and creative staff are just grasping at straws.

  22. I think it is somewhat of a miss step with the turn in Emily. First, is she leaving the show? Giles knew his job was over (remember its 1902) if anyone found out so are we to believe in this era (not ours) Emily is going to keep her job? Losing her as a main character will truly suck but how can you be true to the era without backlash? Secondly, get real everyone wants to see her back with George. Now that’s near impossible. Third, for some individuals it will seems and feel as if you have portrayed that if a woman have a few bad relationships with men you’ll have the notion to change what alot of individuals say it is determined and they are born with the desire you will have as you grow. I think someone or a few someone wanted to bring a 2015 reality that is accepted in more venues to an era where Emily will endure alot of discrimination. I don’t see the relationship with other racial characters having a main / major role so why this one? Don’t get upset with viewers that have been disenchanted, reality again, the writers, directors, and execs knew this would potentially happen so let the chips fall. Just because we can, doesn’t always mean we should. I will be disappointed if the previous integrity to the time and ear is not upheld. The reaction and yes backlash will not make for a funny Murdoch Mystery. So we shall all see.

  23. Early 1900’s. Doctor comes out lesbian. Does anyone really today really think that her job on a police force would last more than 2 seconds once her lifestyle is known publicly? Let’s see if the producers portray reality with this……or, let’s say a policeman is revealed to be homosexual. How long would be have kept his job 100 years ago?

    1. How did she “come out”? There was nothing public about what she did. Charlie Brackenreid didn’t even notice until another woman told him. Insp. Brackenreid isn’t about to tell anyone, just warned her against it. The kiss was completely private. I don’t expect anything to happen until Emily slips up in public, but for now she has a secret relationship. Who knows where the writers are taking it but I for one am very curious to find out!

  24. It is shocking how many homophobes there are out there. MM has had a number of shows that have dealt with homosexuality e.g. the Chief Constable and Boston Marriages but it seems that a loving kiss is the straw that breaks the camel’s back. Attitudes like these are the reason for bullying in schools and children hiding their sexuality from their parents. And for those of you who base your bigotry on your religion, you might want to get out your bibles because over and over in the New Testament it calls for love above all…for God and for your neighbour. Shame on you!

  25. Oh here we go again…television shows trying to make a social statement that will only prove futile…..too bad, I loved Murdoch Mysteries!

  26. Great Job, Murdoch Writers! The fact that so many people are reacting negatively to a same-sex relationship illustrates the need to have this kind of story line! Did Emily’s character change? No. She is still the same person. What is so chocking? I am actually very surprised by some people’s reaction…my god…we still have a long way to go! Open your minds, read a book, people!

  27. Don’t spend a lot of time talking about this show online; I’m part of the younger generation who watches it and we’re not super present as fans of the show. But I do love it, and I’ve been so happy with how moving to CBC has seen a big upswing in people of colour (a regular would be nice) and LGBT people being represented.

    I see so much hate saying it’s being “shoved into your face” and “keep private things private” — like how do you people think *we* feel when we watch TV and it’s only straight people and white people? It’s being shoved in our face but we can’t complain because that’s the “norm.” (Who gets to decide what’s normal? Oh yeah, the ones in power who try to stop us from having basic rights.) And you know, I don’t want to complain. I love those characters too. But when you have a character like Emily, whom I already greatly admire, turn out to be bisexual? And I get to turn on my TV each week and see myself represented, my story being told, to have that reminder that I’m not alone? To know there are little girls out there who are being given the strength to come out? I think if you’re used to seeing yourself on TV you don’t realize how powerful a thing it is to be told you’re normal too, that you have a right to exist even if it makes others uncomfortable (even though us living our lives hurts no one, and doesn’t stop you from living yours).

    (Side note to the homophobic people who don’t want to watch this show anymore, who complain that they can’t watch it with their family anymore: I watch this show with my family. My dad has no idea I’m gay. I saw Emily/Lillian coming and I was terrified of his reaction because he is older and conservative. When they kissed, he went “Oh Christ” and tried to fast forward. I stopped him, but it hurt me a lot.

    I can’t come out to him, because this is just one of the many things that has me worried that I could lose his love just because of how I happen to love. It has made me feel terrible about what is otherwise a very special day to me. So please, think about how you could be hurting your loved ones who are scared of your reactions. Think about trying out tolerance, and seeing things from the other side. Think about letting more love into your heart; you might be surprised by the result.)

    Overall, I am happy to see the creators want to stick by their guns and the care with which this story is being told. Kudos to Murdoch Mysteries.

    1. Thank you for your wonderful and brave comment. All the people here who claim that Emily’s relationship with Lillian goes against their “family values” should read your post and realize that what they believe in is not “family values” so much as homophobia, fear, and/or hate. To those people I say: chances are you know someone who is in the closet – your daughter, son, friend, or another relative – but you don’t realize it or you are deeply in denial. They are in agony, and your homophobia is keeping them in agony. They deserve better than that from you, if you truly love them and value family (and friends).

      Viv – I’m sorry that you feel as though you can’t come out to your father. I hope you have or are finding support for what you are going through and your sexual identity. You seem like a strong young woman. Good luck.

  28. To MurdochFan who replied to my comment:

    I am accepting of gay people but just because I don’t like to watch gay people kiss and be affectionate shouldn’t classify me as a homophobic person.

    Yes, actually it does classify you as a homophobic person, if you would be more comfortable in seeing straight people kissing and being affectionate in real life or on-screen, rather than a gay, lesbian or bisexual couple do exactly the same. LGBT people should have the exact same rights and freedoms as the straight population; that includes the right to share affection with someone they love. That includes representation in media. Murdoch Mysteries is by far one of the most tame representations of LGBT relationships.

    If you’d rather see the lovely doctor with George than Lillian, it seems as if you’d fear being more open-minded to actually accepting and supporting people who are LGBT.

  29. Through the the episodes we have seen that the Emily Grace character is curious and experimental, so it is no surprise she is open to exploring a relationship with another gal. If only someone other then Miss Moss… To my eye she is like the female version of Leslie Garland: manipulative, self gratifying and not entirely truthful. The traits are not attractive in male or female. Please do not let our Emily get duped again! Maybe introduce an Emma Goldman or Julia Ogden-type character… a woman of substance.

  30. I was disappointed in Emily’s kiss…not because I am against having a lesbian relationship on the show, but because it is with Emily. MM is one of the only shows I enjoy and loved the relationship you developed with Emily and George with the humour and ups and downs and I want Emily and George’s relationship to come back.
    Are you planning on taking this down the path that would see Emily arrested and publicly disgraced and character removed from the show? This is a historical show and every character should be prepared to take the consquences of their actions, even if we are not of the same mind today. Do not change history.
    Please, bring someone else in the story and develop a homosexual relationship line with them….just give us Emily back.

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