Comments and queries for the week of Feb. 27

How does one apply to be considered to have Paul and his kickass crew do your deck or “customize” indoors?—Darren

Hey Darren! Isn’t the work that Paul Lafrance and his crew do on Custom Built, Disaster Decks and Decked Out fantastic? I’d love to have him come over and work his magic in my yard. Anyway, you can apply to have Paul, or many other HGTV hosts, swing by your place via the Casting Call page on’s website. Good luck!


So many great choices [in the Canadian Screen Award nominations]! I agree that Orphan Black will likely win, but it’s worth remembering that the CSA voting took place just as 19-2’s ASTOUNDING season 2 premiere aired (truly, one of the best things I’ve ever seen on TV). It might be a tight race indeed. I’m excited to watch the awards.

P.S.: You guys should watch Vikings!—Lisa

I’m surprised by the unanimous love for Orphan Black in the “Will win” department, despite the near-unaminous opinion that the stellar 19-2 “Should win.” Is this mainly a pity vote for OB since it keeps getting snubbed by Emmy? Don’t get me wrong, I like OB a lot, but as far as drama goes, I think 19-2 is head and shoulders above. That said, Tatiana is definitely deserving for Best Actress.

Best Actor, definitely Jared Keeso, the heard-and-soul of 19-2. But why wasn’t Adrian Holmes nominated too? He turned (and continues to turn) in a great performance as Nick.

For Comedic Actress, I would vote for Kacey Rohl in Working the Engels. While the show wasn’t a great one, I felt she was the surprise bright spot in the cast (sorry Andrea!) with her comedic timing and great reactions to the wackiness of her family (I’d only seen her prior dramatic turn on Fringe).—Jeff


I have been preaching the gospel of Hard Rock Medical so hard, you’d think I was on their payroll. It’s such an interesting and well-produced show and so much better than the typical medical drama.—Meridith

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