Interview: Andrea Martin previews Sunday’s Canadian Screen Awards

By Chis Jancelewicz

It’s only fitting that one of the most hilarious women to ever grace the Canadian small screen is hosting the annual gala to honour Canadian film and television. SCTV alum Andrea Martin is taking the mic this year to helm the 3rd Annual Canadian Screen Awards on March 1, and promises to bring the funny.

TV, Eh? sat down to chat with the comedic star about hosting the gig (while simultaneously being nominated for her comedy Meet the Engels).

It’s cold out there. What are you going to do if the temperature is like this on March 1?
Andrea Martin: [Laughs.] I’m going to be inside! Or … where WILL the red carpet be? It might be outside. Oh, it is outside. They probably have heaters, though. This IS Canada.

Is there a lot to be proud of this year in terms of Canadian entertainment?
I think it’s so varied! Usually, there’s a lot of French-Canadian films and talent, this year I think there’s more English-speaking films. There’s a nice balance, and a lot of new, young talent.

Have you ever been a host and been nominated at the same time?
I’ve been a host many times, and I’ve been nominated many times. [Laughs.] I’m trying to think! Not in the States, I’ve just won a lot there: two Tonys, two Emmys, a People’s Choice Award … but I’ve never hosted the shows.

Can you reveal any details or surprises about the show to us?
One thing that’s going to be very exciting is they’re putting together packages for each film and TV show, just in case people haven’t seen the productions. The Canadian public hasn’t necessarily seen the stuff up for awards, so they might not tune in if they’re not interested. This way people can be informed.

Is there anything new this year?
It’s not new since the ceremony is already three years old, but I think combining movies and television into one is an exciting, jam-packed evening. It seems there are a lot of actors from the United States included this year, some nice crossover as well.

The Canadian Screen Awards gala airs Sunday, March 1, at 8 p.m. on CBC.