Review: Back to square one on 19-2

Well, I certainly didn’t see that coming. I was pretty sure that things were going to go Nick and Ben’s way with regard to outing the mole in 19. After all, they’d ruled out Nick and had arrested Antony Tremblay, the man they’d seen in the motel with an underage girl. When his phone call was a request for their friend in 19 to get him out of there, I figured it was only a matter of time until the mole was revealed.

Um, no.

By the end of “Property Line,” Nick and Ben were back at the beginning after Kaz killed Tremblay. I’ve been waiting for Kaz to show his violent side ever since he was introduced, but it still surprised me when he shot Tremblay in the head and made it look like a suicide. If Nick had anything to do with the cover-up he should be ashamed; the SQ knew Tremblay had been murdered right away. I’m pretty sure Nick didn’t literally get his hands dirty because that would have made him an accessory or something. Now Nick has a secret from Ben: the real circumstances surrounding Tremblay’s death.

Raise your hand if you thought Tyler was going to end up with a butcher’s knife in his abdomen? Yeah, me too. I was sure the big man was going to be torn open when he tackled that emotionally disturbed woman; he was lucky even though she wasn’t. That sad conclusion served to spotlight some of the more awful jobs cops are ordered to do, like arresting people who have been ordered to vacate their homes because the city is razing old buildings. Rather than ridding the streets of criminals, they were forced to be the bad guys in a no-win situation. Of those evicted, keep your eye on Paul (Michael Therriault) the husband of the woman who suffered a stroke. He’s in next week’s episode so that likely won’t end well.

Meanwhile, Mary-Louise is clearly having an affect on Bear. Though she opted out of another back tattoo in Montreal, her comment to ML about going to Thailand to have it done hints her firm work and life plans are crumbling. I’m hoping she goes for it.

Notes and quotes

  • “You can sleep when you’re in jail.” J.M. is always so caring when handling junkies.
  • “Ma,am, let go of the wall.” I’m not sure I could be as calm as Ben evicting a yelling pregnant woman from her apartment.
  • Laugh out loud scene of the night: J.M. being swarmed by wasps and running right at Audrey so she was stung too.

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2 thoughts on “Review: Back to square one on 19-2”

  1. Another great episode! The Bear/Tyler scene (shown in the photo you used), with them standing next to each other like that, really emphasized their size difference, something I was aware of, but never noticed quite to that extent before. Also, when they both took off after the kid who swiped the radio, I thought for sure we’d see them return to find the TV they were guarding gone.
    J.M. and the wasps was indeed hilarious, and then him running at Audrey was priceless. Their shared laugh afterwards was nice too; I hope they keep these two together. J.M. is one of those Jeckyl/Hyde characters that can be fun, like in this scene, then be back to his jerkwad ways, like that scene later when he remarks about Tyler’s actions. Dan P. really plays the role well.
    Anyone else think Gendron continuing to ask Isabelle if she wants to get something to eat is kinda creepy? It’s like he showers her with those job-related compliments then expects her to go out with him in exchange. She appeared a little uncomfortable about it too.
    Why are SQ/internal affairs guys on TV usually grade-A jerks?

  2. Wow, what an episode! As soon as Antony started naming family members of Nick and his cousin, Kaz, I said out loud, they have to kill him. In effect, he was threatening them and their families so Kaz couldn’t let him live. ( I think I could be watching too many police shows.)

    What a horrible job for police, to be obligated to do, evicting people from their homes.

    And, oh yes, when I saw the kid run off with the radio, I, too, expected they would return to find the TV gone, as Jeff mentioned in his comment.

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