Review: Separation anxiety on Heartland

“Sometimes you make decisions for people even though they’ve told you it’s not what they want.” And with that Georgie finally got through to Lou.

Yes, Heartland fans, it looks as though the writers are going there. Lou and Peter seem set on separating, even though by the end of “Eclipse of the Heart” they were smiling at each other. Of course, there are still a handful of episodes left in this season for the pair to right their listing marital ship, but those smiles looked rueful and full of what has been instead of happiness to come.

Or perhaps, over the next few weeks as they prep for Amy and Ty’s nuptials, Peter and Lou will realize their marriage is fighting for and we’ll see a vow renewal alongside the wedding. I’m kind of on the fence about how I want things to play out. Part of me is interested in how Heartland‘s writers would handle the Lou and Peter being apart and the affect it would have on the girls, while another wishes they would stay together and have them both make some changes in the way they treat each other.

Marriage consumed the other two major storylines as well, with Jack stopping Tim from driving to Moose Jaw and possibly making a fool of himself in front of Miranda and her fiancé. I was thankful for the back and forth between the men by the side of the highway, first when Jack told Tim his truck wouldn’t start (an obvious ploy to slow Tim down) and then by taking his truck keys and pretending to throw them into a field.

As for Amy and Ty, they’re full speed ahead on wedding prep, with plans to use the hall for the ceremony and Amy narrowing in on the perfect dress. I was actually surprised she didn’t tell Lou she’d rather wear her mom’s old dress, but I’m sure that’s to come. After all, having the girls in the dress shop enabled the writers to continue Lou’s flashbacks to the good and bad times in her courtship, marriage and child-rearing with Peter and reflect on whether all that is worth saving. What do you think? Will Peter and Lou really separate? Will they renew their vows at Amy and Ty’s wedding? Comment below or via @tv_eh.

Notes and quotes

  • Congratulations on Heartland‘s season renewal!
  • “You’re not planning on driving to Moose Jaw and making a fool of yourself, are you?” Jack to Tim.
  • “The heart wants what the heart wants.” — Caleb
    “I don’t think you’re thinking with your heart. Or your head.” — Amy


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4 thoughts on “Review: Separation anxiety on Heartland”

  1. I always liked Peter, and do hope that he and Lou can work things out. (Plus, I’ve loved Peter’s interactions with Georgie, and Katie seems to miss him when he’s not around.)

    It’s not as if Heartland hasn’t had the theme of divorce lurking in the background; Tim and Marion divorced. Lisa is a divorcée (Dan Hartfield was her first husband). Most notably, Caleb Odell and Ashley Stanton split not long after they got married.

    This would be the first time one of “the family” came undone front and center (and not as a matter of ancient family history).

    But I like what you’ve posited: If Lou and Peter can get their act together, it sure would be nice to see them renew their vows when Amy and Ty make their vows (though I think there would be some in the Amy/Ty camp who would want it to be *their* day, and their day alone).

  2. I personally wouldn’t want Lou and Peter to separate, but I have to agree it would be interesting to see how the writers wold have it happen. I think they will end up being together but it’s sure going to be a rough[er!] ride. I don’t know how they would do it…
    As for the vow renewal, maybe it’s kind of selfish but I wouldn’t like to see them “steal” Amy and Ty’s moment hahaha!
    This was an amazing episode. Got me in tears! The show just keeps getting better and better!

  3. Argh! I’m so torn too! I don’t want them to separate because of the girls but I think Peter has been kind of selfish throughout their relationship (not that Lou hasn’t made her share of mistakes) I’d like to see a bit more character growth on the show though. Seems like every character is stuck in their own ways. Especially Tim and Lou.

  4. I really hope they separate. I’ve been waiting for this for a long time. He has never seemed like a nice or sincere person which is why I always thought Lou would be better off with Scott. I knew they were keeping Scott single for a reason. It’s awful on the girls but they have so much family around anyway.

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