Review: Tumble from the top on MasterChef Canada

You’re only as good as your last dish. Michael Bonacini’s point was certainly driven home on Sunday when David found himself in the bottom two next to Kwasi. It was a pretty stunning fall for David, who has up until this point wowed the judges with his creative take on several recipes, earning him challenge wins and spots as team captain.

And yet it almost ended during “One Potato, Two Potato,” first when his red team and Sabrina’s blue team lost the Team Challenge to Line’s ragtag group of misfits on the green squad. I was sure that David’s bacon-topped poutine would win him votes from hungry University of Guelph students, and they very well might have if the contest had taken place right after the campus pub closed for the night. Instead, the kids—seemingly sober after a day full of classes—opted for Line’s butter chicken on fries and she walked away with the win and safety for her team.

That meant strong chefs like Michael, Christopher, Sabrina and Cody battled it out in the Elimination Challenge re-creating tortellini for the judges. And though Cody, Sabrina and David were confident their flavours would triumph, all three were criticized for lacklustre attempts. Luckily for them, Kwasi’s African and Italian-inspired pasta filling confused the judges, leaving them the easy task of sending him home.

Notes and quotes

  • I had no clue the University of Guelph had that agricultural program. Is it too late for me to enrol as a mature student?
  • Michael Bonacini can talk about “perfectly seasoned gravy” all he wants. University kids aren’t picky when it comes to scarfing down poutine after a night at the campus pub.
  • “Grab your potatoes!” Alvin makes everything sound dirty.
  • Alvin is the huggiest judge of Season 2.
  • As a judge, I’d be worried there was finalist sweat in my food.

MasterChef Canada airs Sundays at 7 p.m. ET on CTV.