Review: Big Brother Canada returns with twists aplenty

It seems the only things staying the same on Big Brother Canada are the fact houseguests play, Arisa Cox hosts and there is a house for the players to stay in. Save that, everything else is up for grabs.

Full disclosure: I’ve never watched a season of Big Brother Canada, but I can tell from the get-go it will capture my interest. Taking away the houseguests’ food, personal effects and furniture and making them earn it? Genius. Forcing them to pick two players for elimination moments after arriving in the house? Brilliant.

In a case of first impressions meaning everything, no one knowing her name didn’t stop Risha from getting enough votes to put her on the block. Tall, blonde and wearing a cleavage-baring blouse put a target on that chest of hers and she was an easy pick. And since everyone knew Sindy’s name because she stressed she was “Sindy with an ‘S,'” it was equally easy for her to be chosen too. But just because they were on the block didn’t mean they were staying there. The debut Power of Veto competition saw a combined physical and mental test where Sindy used her brains to beat out poker player Brian—who blasted through the physical aspect—to win PoV and save herself from eviction.

Sindy chose Pilar to take her place on the chopping block before host Arisa Cox revealed everyone would be sleeping on the floor. And while Risha stressed she’d have to charm the houseguests into keeping her around (Hint: start with Bobby), she spent precious minutes sitting in the kitchen by herself while everyone else got to know each other. That won’t win you the $100,000.

Not that this week’s votes matter. Canada decides who is going home: go to the Big Brother Canada website to vote.

Notes and quotes

  • Why do the ladies take such high heels with them? Don’t they know there will be stairs in the Big Brother house?
  • He’s pretty annoying so far, but I’m cheering for Graig because we share the same name (though not the same spelling) and he’s labelled himself the Ginger Ninja.
  • The Big Brother set is impressive, but I got a “bike shop” feel rather than “steampunk.”

Big Brother Canada airs Mondays at 8 p.m. ET/PT, Wednesdays at 9 p.m. ET/PT and Sundays at 7 p.m. ET/PT on Global.