Comments and queries for the week of April 3

I have been trying to find out why Line didn’t have to be tested [during last Sunday’s episode of MasterChef Canada]. If you or anyone else knows please let me know.—Sharon

There are weeks when there is so much going on with other contestants that others don’t get any screen time. That was the case with Line and Sabrina this week.

I think TV critics are useful for the industry, so long as they are reviewing shows that are their type. By this I mean that someone who doesn’t like sci-fi, shouldn’t critique a sci-fi series, someone who has never liked the romantic comedy genre should not review a romantic comedy, and a 61-year-old man shouldn’t critique a series about 20-something women unless any of them can actually do it objectively and empathetically. Too often I’ve seen a terrific show being ripped to shreds in a review, only because the critic has no interest in the genre and can’t or won’t try to connect to it. Sci-fi shows seem to get the worst of it and when you go to fan sites and such, you hear about it, especially around awards season where it’s almost like critics look down on the genre.—Alicia

Cheers, Diane, for taking on a poll and the blow-back that apparently goes with it. ;) My “write-in vote” would be, (perhaps no surprise) for Strange Empire, at least for what it was reflecting in Canadian thought about our history during during its run (2014-2015). The Indigenous and multi-gender viewpoints, not to mention the quality of acting and writing, marked a step forward for the CBC network, in my opinion. Time may prove that this show was CBC at one of its most interesting (and important) points. The network is, unfortunately, a little less on both fronts now, with their abrupt and less-than-forthright cancellation of the show.—Chad

I’m a U.S. citizen but my mom grew up in a very small town in Saskatchewan. We’d visit every other summer growing up. Corner Gas reminds me so much if those visits. Aside from that it’s also one of the funniest shows I’ve ever seen regardless of country of origin.—DC

They should rename Schitt’s Creek “Schitt’s Creek – USA.” Anytime they mention a place or location, it is in the U.S. Anytime a person is mentioned outside their small community, it is usually an American or someone foreign. There is nothing Canadian about it. Even Mr. D is getting into the U.S.A. game.—Georges

I first thought Crabtree was covering for Edna or Simon [on Murdoch Mysteries], but the fact that he left his boots to be so easily found is not in his character as a police officer. There is definitely more than meets the eye here. Simon said that his father was involved in a criminal element so maybe someone from his past will surface and be found guilty. I want Crabtree to get together with Edna. They make a better match than he and Emily.—Cloquette

George would not have killed Edna’s husband. It’s just not in his character. I believe he is protecting either Edna or Simon. But if he tried to help them cover it up, he’s done a very sloppy job and one that, at best, would make him an accessory after the fact, and something that would cost him his job as a police officer. Not at all the calibre we have come to expect from him in his association with William. Perhaps he discovered the crime scene, walking through the blood, and allowed the clues to be discovered pointing to him to give Edna and Simon time to disappear. Still somewhat culpable, but not as reprehensible. I would sorely miss the character of George were he to leave the program. Mind you, they’re all integral to the series and the absence of any one of them would be unfortunate.—Koboclio

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  1. How about that season 1 finale on Schitt’s Creek on CBC? I call it the new Arrested Development for the streaming generation. Indulgent.

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