Review: X Company’s explosive season-ender

“You’re going to tell me everything.” And with that, X Company closed out its first season with a cliffhanger. Yes, I did suspect Alfred was a captive of the Germans and this first season was a peek back at what had happened leading up until that point, but it didn’t take away from what has been one hell of a dramatic ride.

Written by series co-creators Mark Ellis and Stephanie Morgenstern, “Into the Fire” brought the conflicting sides in the war together into a tapestry woven of raw emotion and action. Tom quickly proved to Drabek the woman he’d trusted was actually readying to sell him to the Germans and after Tom dispatched her the men were on the run to the catacombs to prepare for an extraction. Drabek needed to let the world leaders know about the concentration camps, but he passed along the horrible details to Alfred in case Drabek was killed.

Ellis and Morgenstern—heck, all of X Company‘s writers—have been able to deftly mix emotion with action and Wednesday’s finale was no different, alternating between Aurora’s relations being probable victims in a camp and an impressive gunfight between the team and the Germans. You know, the bullet battle that ensued after Siobhan admitted to Harry that she’d betrayed he and the squad to the Germans. Everyone put up a good fight and took out several baddies, but Alfred was eventually captured and hauled away. For one fleeting moment it appeared Aurora would make good and ensure Alfred didn’t fall into enemy hands, but she couldn’t pull the trigger.

The only positive in Alfred’s capture is that Franz is the man in charge. After watching him choose to kill Ulli rather than see him trucked off to an institution, Franz’s emotions are raw and he may equate Alfred’s specialness with his own son. It’s not to outrageous a wish; we’ve seen throughout this season that not all Germans are cold-blooded killers.

The other loose end in the season finale is Tom’s fate. The last we saw of him, he’d taken a bullet to the stomach and Neil was trying to stop the bleeding. Will he survive, and what will become of Alfred? We’ll have to wait until Season 2 to find out.

Notes and quotes

  • “Four months ago, all I wanted to do was forget. Now I realize, if you remember something you’re responsible for it.” Wise words from Alfred.
  • So, Rene is alive and imprisoned somewhere. Has he been leaking information about the team too? And is he being kept anywhere near Alfred?
  • “In three … two … one.” — Aurora, before she unleashed a can of lead-filled whoop-ass on the German soldiers
  • Mayhew told Sinclair to focus on the upcoming Allied invasion of Dieppe for success. Unfortunately, we know that raid was a failure too.

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5 thoughts on “Review: X Company’s explosive season-ender”

  1. Absolutely loved the first series but if I have one teeny tiny gripe is some of the phrasing and words are not used over here and Mayhew & Sinclair’s uniforms need sorting….

  2. Love love love this series. Can’t waitfor season 2!!! Brilliantly written and acted!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. I really liked this season. Can’t wait for the next one!
    Just one comment. I’m pretty sure it wasn’t Neil trying to stop the bleeding after Tom was shot. Neil was driving the truck.

  4. Loved season one can hardly wait for season 2. Hugh Dillon makes Sinclair come to life just he has done in anything he has done. I tip my hat to Hugh.

  5. Absolutely LOVED this first season – so disappointed to be left hanging like this all summer long!!!!!!!!! I have read everything I could get my hands on re the Canadian Camp X for years – it is a fascinating story & so glad it is getting a bit of publicity this way. What fabulous writing – it is a true thriller, keeps one riveted to his seat! Let’s hope for many more years!

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