TV, eh? podcast episode 180 – Leave the Blood Stain on Your Rug

Diane, Anthony and Greg went into overtime discussing a plethora of subjects this week, including the role TV, eh? played at this past weekend’s Toronto Screenwriting Conference, Canadian Screen Award winner 19-2 renewed for a third season and a Season 6 return date for Global’s Rookie Blue.

We also reflected on Bell’s decision to fire Kevin Crull, what the reduction of Nova Scotia’s film and TV tax credit could mean for that industry and the CMPA asking the CRTC to reverse its Let’s Talk TV decision regarding independent production companies. And finally, inspired by Diane’s list of the Top 10 Canadian shows of her childhood, Anthony and Greg discussed theirs.

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3 thoughts on “TV, eh? podcast episode 180 – Leave the Blood Stain on Your Rug”

  1. When it comes to shows building viewers, the numbers for Heartland have been increasing and the show just finished its 8th season. I think this is in large part to both CBC and APTN airing reruns during the day.

    I’m still intending on checking out the Emergency series due to its Canadianness. I don’t mind the American version–my husband enjoys it. Might not get a chance though due to playoff hockey going on. Go Jets go! As for the smallest, least-busiest ER in Canada, I won’t name it, but my father-in-law went there for emergency care and there was a sign on the door saying “ER closed. If you are encountering an emergency, call 9-11 or drive to the hospital in Yorkton–see map below for directions.” The ER there is hit and miss. I guess its open on alternate weekends.

    I have trouble with the whole supporting television funding thing too. There’s only so much money to go around and a person can’t really prioritize television funding over other things like social services, healthcare and education. However, at the same time, that television funding indirectly brings money back through the economy, and boosts employment and tourism. Ultimately, its our economy which decides how much money we have for the various services Canadians get. There’s also the whole arts funding issue in general. Take arts education in schools, for an example. Obviously, learning to read, write and compute are the most important, but the arts does help kids in so many ways that are not easily quantifiable.

    And Diane, I would say “Swears” too. And Greg, I have never heard of the Cucumber Club or Frightenstein. Also, Hammy Hamster freaks me out–I only heard about the show a few years ago when my daughter was watching it on tv. Every once in a while I’ll scroll through the guide on tv looking at what’s airing on Teletoon Retro and watch something for a trip down memory lane.

  2. My favorite shows are Harriet’s magic hats. Even as a kid I knew you had to be on drugs to like that show

    And telefrancais because why shouldn’t a talking pineapple teach you French. Highlights include a creepy old dude giving the kids a magic monkey’s paw that gave you cursed wishes

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