Tonight: Escape or Die, Illusions of Grandeur

Escape or Die!, OLN – “Burning, Bound and Upside Down (Bogota, Colombia)”
Escape artist Dean Gunnarson is bound in a straitjacket, hanging upside down 45 meters over the deadly cobblestone square of Zipaquira, Colombia. The crowd watches in awe as the two ropes holding Dean up are consumed rapidly by fiery flames. The clock is ticking while Dean struggles to break free before the ropes burn through and he crashes to his death below.

Illusions of Grandeur, OLN – “Niagara Falls”
Zack heads to the site of one of the great wonders of the natural world, Niagara Falls, to do his first-ever stage performance, as part of internationally-renowned magician Greg Frewin’s stage act. Zack pulls out all the stops preparing for the show, but can he overcome his fears and prove he belongs on the same stage as one of the best magicians in the business?