TV Eh B Cs podcast 19 – Matt Watts: Every Day


Matt Watts played the long-suffering producer Matt on Ken Finkleman’s 2005 International Emmy winning The Newsroom. He played “Matt” in Don McKellar’s Twitch City, on which he also a story consultant. He was a member of the Writer’s Room on six episodes of the 2003 edition of Slings & Arrows, and part of the team which created the international stage hit The Drowsy Chaperone.

His feature film credits include Scott Pilgrim versus the World, Fever Pitch, Don McKellar’s Childstar.

Watts is a veteran of radio drama creating and starring in three series for CBC Radio: Steve, The First (2005), a four-part dark comedy set in a post-apocalyptic future features a slacker who wakes up to find he’s slept through the apocalypse, Steve, The Second (2006) details the story of the son of the original Steve; Canadia: 2056 (2007) centres on Max Anderson, the American liaison on board the only Canadian spaceship in an otherwise American space fleet headed toward a galactic war.

And we recently learned of the triumphant return of Michael: Tuesdays and Thursdays next season on CBC.

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