Comments and queries for the week of May 15

What’s your favourite Canadian show of the 2000s?

This is a very difficult choice. From the list, I’d choose Da Vinci’s Inquest. I also loved Billable Hours, Intelligence and Little Mosque on the Prairie. —Iris

I voted for Rick Mercer Report, but I wouldn’t call it my favourite show of that decade; it was just the only one on the above list I actually liked. My favourite show from that decade is probably Degrassi but as its current maybe it doesn’t count for that decade.

Here’s my top 10 Canadian shows for that decade:
Jozi H (2006-2007)
Degrassi: TNG (2001-current)
MVP (2008)
Instant Star (2004-2008)
Wild Roses (2009) (2004-2008)
Caitlin’s Way (2000-2002)
Canadian Idol (2003-2008)
Whistler (2006-2008)
Intelligence (2006-2007) —Alicia

What decade is Canadian TVs best?

70s wins for sure! Canadian TV has never been better than The Trouble with Tracy! —Pat

Love for over the air antenna

We still have regular cable. The alternative to what we have now costs more. Since our household pays for the one line, the other TV is set up with an OTA indoor antenna by RCA. Last year I also bought a digital converter from Best Buy for $60. This arrangement lets us keep using our old analog TVs and watch HD channels. On good days, I can get CTV, CBC, CBLFT, CHCH, TVO, Star Ray, City, OMNI 1 & 2, YesTV, CW, WNED, ABC and CBS. The digital converter by Homeworx is also a PVR that uses something as small as a USB key. Although, I’d rather use my JVC VCR. Been using this unit for over a decade. —Cindy

I’m a slave to Cablevision, because when the government took away the normal over-the-air channels, I could no longer use rabbit ears on my old TV to pull in the NYC stations. I’d need an antenna that can go at least 70 miles and give me the major networks, so should I win an antenna, well, I’d take the ClearStream 2V and stuff it in the attic. Not sure if contest applies to me as I live in U.S., all those pesky customs things and such. —Elyse

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