TV, eh? podcast episode 185 – Suddenly Sudbury

Diane, Greg and Anthony discuss CBC’s summer comedy series Still Standing and Fool Canada and Global moving Rookie Blue to Wednesday nights. Also on the docket: Killjoys and Dark Matter score for Space, the Directors Guild of Canada nominations, Diane chatted with CBC boss Sally Catto, and the trio opine whether Canada is ready for another shot at the late-night talk show genre and who might host it.

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One thought on “TV, eh? podcast episode 185 – Suddenly Sudbury”

  1. I just finished watching Orphan Black and I still haven’t watched any of either Dark Matter or Killjoys or Still Standing but they are next on my watchlist (Fool Canada I think gets a pass from me as I didn’t find the first episode at all funny). Other shows I’m watching this summer are UnReal (surprisingly really good), Wayward Pines, Orange is the New Black, When Calls the Heart, Astronauts Wives Club, Poldark, Teen Wolf, Zoo, Welcome to Sweden, Continuum, Banished, Please Like Me, Love Child and Chasing Life.

    I still have a lot of other regular season tv to catch up on as well. I think I’m reaching a situation in which I will never catch up.There will probably be a few series I delete from my DVR come September. Shows I’m behind in are Revenge, Degrassi, Finding Carter, Arrow, Chasing Life, Bitten, Jane the Virgin, Suits, American Odyssey, Young & Hungry, Big Bang Theory, The Goldbergs, Blackstone, Secrets & Lies, Bloodline, Republic of Doyle, Texas Rising and Between. Looking at this long list, you’d think that I watch a lot of TV but truthfully, I maybe watch about 8 hours or so a week, not including news. It’s just that I aspire to watch too much tv. I didn’t even mention the Netflix series I intend on watching.

    Under the Dome is a ridiculously terrible show. I watched may
    be the first 10 episodes until calling it quits. The worst writing EVER, at least this decade.

    I would never ever watch a late night talk show with Martin Short and sorry, but I doubt he’d be able to pull in any ratings. I’d like to see male and female co-hosts. I’m not interested in watching that same tired Leno/Letterman/Kimball male-hosted standup late night show.

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