Comments and queries for the week of July 3

Murdoch Mysteries star celebrates small-town Canada

I watched the first episode. Really enjoyed it. The clips I have seen of the second episode make me think it is going to be just as good. Looking forward to it. —William

I really enjoyed the first episode of this show. I love that it showcased small town Canada in a humourous light. I’m excited to see Jonny Harris traverse across the country visiting these places and finding comedy in them. I wish it was titled differently though. It’s a very plain jane title and not descriptive at all about what the show is really about. Also, there was an American series with the same name. I’m afraid Still Standing will get overlooked on the channel guide and its a shame. With the right title and timeslot I think it could have done a lot better. —Alicia

Has the CRTC lost touch with Canadians?

I think part of the issue is some of the speakers at the Let’s Talk debate—such as we need to kick all American content out now—were connected to Canadian companies.

There were some that did not make it clear they were speaking on behalf of a company but you could tell they were by saying such things as Cancon should be far higher and the CRTC needs to do everything to protect Canadian channels, etc.

How can the CRTC get a sense of what Canadians want, be it surveys or groups etc., pushing hard to give Canadians less choice? —Jayme

Orphan Black: All Together Now

I was really sad to see Delphine shot. I thought Evelyne Brochu was fantastic in the role and a primary reason I continued to watch a show I felt was really losing its way. I also hate when writers shove another love interest at a character right away, so Shay is a no-go for me.

I’m also tired of Alison adding nothing to the plot and the whole conspiracy is getting too convoluted for its own good.

Taking Orphan Black off my watch list, sadly. —Ariana


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