Survivorman star injured in car accident

Best wishes go out to Survivorman star Les Stroud, who was injured in a car accident in Mongolia recently.

The news broke Tuesday afternoon on OLN’s Facebook page, detailing the veteran survivalist was filming new footage for Survivorman when the incident occurred.

“After being out in the field for a few weeks, shooting new footage for Survivorman featuring Les Stroud, he headed out to Mongolia where he got into a car accident,” the post read. “He is back home now, recovering from a dislocated shoulder, a couple broken ribs, and a collapsed lung. Get well soon, Les!”

Well-wishers were quick to lend their support to the writer, producer, author, TV host and singer/songwriter in the comments section on the post.

Stroud’s most recent series for the network, Survivorman: Bigfoot, found him traveling the world over the course of six episodes seeking out the mythical, mystical Sasquatch.