Comments and queries for the week of July 24

Help from the Backroad Bounty boys

I hope you can help me. I just saw Canadian Pickers have stopped. I have a family member who has very old items from 1800 (an army saddle for example). Do you know any one who would be interested in coming to look and purchase these items? There are a lot more items for sale. —Cheryl

I know a couple of guys. Marty Gebel and Peter “Bam Bam” Bamford star in a series called Backroad Bounty on Cottage Life, where they go to people’s houses and look to buy items. Here’s the link to their Facebook page, where you can contact the show (and Marty and Bam Bam) with your question. As for the show, the boys are almost done filming Season 2 and I got the chance to watch Marty and Bam Bam pick through and purchase some cool items from a hardware store in Ingersoll, Ont. Look for my story in the coming weeks.

CraveTV to go direct to consumers on Jan. 1

I’ll definitely subscribe, but I don’t think we’ll drop my satellite TV service. We share it with my my mother and father-in-law and my brother-in-law so we split the bill three ways because it makes it more affordable ($127 is too expensive for any of us to pay on our own and it allows us to get all the channels rather than just a basic package). Our household is in a rural area without access to cheaper cable options so my in-laws subscribe to satellite to help us out even though they have cheaper options where they live near Edmonton. Truthfully, Crave TV and Netflix combined have more than enough shows to keep me with enough stuff to watch but my Internet (satellite Internet, again, our only option) gets to slow to stream 50 per cent of the time so until our Internet improves, I can’t cut Bell satellite.

Another big concern of mine is sports. Until Bell and Rogers launch good sports streaming apps that don’t require a cable/satellite subscription, I won’t consider throwing out my satellite. I would miss Jets games, Roughriders games and the Olympics way too much. —Alicia

Preview: Six pictures previewing tonight’s Rookie Blue

Lotta kissing going on. :) Guess Nick gets over Juliette’s I.A. gig. Maybe he ends up going with her to Vancouver instead of Andy? Because I totally called it that Swarek would win Andy over by getting her Boo Radley! —Kathryn


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