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Preview: Three’s story explored on Dark Matter

Last week, Dark Matter revealed the backstories of Four, Five and Six while teasing who might be Titch. This week, amid the excitement surrounding Ruby Rose’s guest-starring gig, Dark Matter explored how appearances can be deceiving, whether it’s an entertainment android named Wendy to a mercenary named Marcus. It all happens in tonight’s seventh instalment, when the Raza crew discovers what’s behind that locked door.

Ruby Rose shows us her kick-ass side
As expected, Ruby Rose’s guest turn as Wendy is memorable for a couple of reasons. The entertainment android—one of several items discovered behind the locked door—is gifted in the kitchen with limited food, able to deliver impeccable massages … and can perform something called Dunking the Cosmic Donut. An extended scene with One provides laugh-out-loud moments and showcases Marc Bendavid’s comic timing. Turns out Wendy is hiding something pretty big, and it has a major impact on the Raza team.


Zoie Palmer shows us her comic side
Longtime fans (or Twitter followers) of Zoie Palmer know she’s got a wicked sense of humour, and Robert C. Cooper’s script allows for some of that to shine through. Despite the fact the Android isn’t supposed to feel jealousy, Wendy’s immediate impact on the crew leaves her feeling left out. The lengths the Android goes to gain their attention again is hilarious. Two words without giving too much away: Jamaican accent.

Three shows us his soft side
I’ve been waiting to find out more info on Three and we get lots of it tonight. Among the money, guns and Wendy in the storage area is Sara (Natalie Brown, The Strain), a woman locked away in a pod. Upon being thawed out, she calls Three by his real name and recalls the man before he lost his memories, offering great insight into Three’s history and the man he can be when he’s not, you know, being a jerk face.


Two shows us her backside
Let’s just say One and Two’s relationship takes an interesting turn.

Dark Matter airs Fridays at 10 p.m. ET on Space.


3 thoughts on “Preview: Three’s story explored on Dark Matter”

  1. Whoa. I can comment again. I actually gave up on Dark Matter after 3 episodes. It’s not that it was bad, but with so many shows to catch up on, it just wasn’t enough of a must-see for me to stick with. So far this summer my list of keeper shows includes Rookie Blue, Degrassi, When Calls the Heart, Killjoys, UnReal, Orange is the New Black, Teen Wolf and Chasing Life (4 out of 8 are Canadian series).

  2. Personally, I think that Dark Matter S01E07 is one of this season’s best episodes, with an interesting, fast paced story and new interesting characters. I think it was a nice jump in quality, compared to the previous episode, that I found slow and not too interesting.

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