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Review: Four, Five and Six on Dark Matter

Who is Titch, and what happened in their life to turn them into a hardened criminal? That was one of the key questions posed in Episode 6 of Dark Matter.

Friday’s newest episode showcased Jodelle Ferland’s acting chops as she assumed the role of Four to give us more of his back story while we learned more about Five’s own past. With the crew of the Raza still unsure about what brought them together, Five offered up her mind to a probe in order to get answers.

We knew Four’s power-hungry stepmother was behind the death of the Emperor, but Five recounted it all for Four. We learned the Emperor wasn’t all that nice of a guy and strived to have his son feared by all despite the kind streak in the boy.

As for herself, Das realized she and the dead boy, TJ, were stowaways on the Raza. She’d picked the wrong pocket to pick and gotten her hands on that key; the man who owned it killed all of her friends and mortally wounded TJ. The two snuck on board the ship where it was revealed One and Three knew each other.

Five’s extended attachment and reliance on the probe put her life in danger, leading Six to suit up and offer to go in and pull Five back. While he sought her out, he uncovered part of his own past: his rebel group fought back against the Galactic Alliance and took the extreme measure of blowing up a space station (and 10,000 people) for their cause.

So, who is Titch? Five was involved in that person’s memories doing chores around a farm and leading a happy life when Six showed up to take her back. Five was betting those memories belonged to One, but I think it was Three. He’s just the type of guy to put up a tough front to hide some inner sensitivity. Was Three’s idyllic life shattered by violence? I’m bet that’s the case, but we’ll have to wait at least another week to find out.

Notes and quotes

  • No wonder they’re running low on food. Three is eating. All. The. Time.

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