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Review: Secrets revealed on Killjoys

“I like fixing things, remember?” And with that, Johnny and D’Avin have begun to talk, really talk to each other. Sure, it came as a result of the latter being tortured by an interrogation computer on the fritz, but still.

“A Glitch in the System,” written by Adam Barken, was dark, creepy and violent, hearkening back to sci-fi thrillers like Event Horizon and 2001: A Space Odyssey. What appeared to be a routine mission to a derelict space ship to strip it of anything valuable turned deadly when Lucy detected danger and retracted from the old ship, trapping D’Avin, Dutch and Johnny inside. Of course, Lucy’s scan that revealed no life on board the craft was an error; there were two men on board and one jettisoned himself out of the air lock and into space. Why? To escape the clutches of fellow shipmate Hogan (Richard Clarkin), who had gone a tad nuts. Turns out the ship was a Black Ops interrogation ship using technology that put nanites inside people to erode—and rebuild—folks depending on how they answered questions.

Torture is a powerful instrument, and D’Avin revealed to Hogan (and Dutch and Johnny via monitor) that he had killed his entire squad, but didn’t know why. That information is being kept from him by three memory blockers placed in his brain. But who is keeping that information hidden from D’Avin and why?

With just a handful of episodes to go, Killjoys has really hit its stride. D’Avin and Johnny have emerged as a sarcastic one-two punch with Dutch throwing in her verbal two cents when she’s not kicking some serious butt. Or facing off with Khlyen, which she had to do in Friday’s closing moments. He says she’s grown weak because of her relationship with Johnny and needs an attitude adjustment. What does that mean? I can only surmise at this point, but I’m guessing it doesn’t include hot chocolate and hugs.

Notes and quotes

  • The CGI on Killjoys is amazing and those space suits are super-sexy.
  • “Let’s go find the treasure and blow shit up.” — Johnny
  • “How is that in any way loving me?!” — D’Avin, after Johnny shoots him in the leg to keep the nanites busy

Killjoys airs Fridays at 9 p.m. ET on Space.