Review: Strong words on Dark Matter

Last week’s episode of Dark Matter was, in a word, nuts. Two was revealed to be Derrick Moss, on board the Raza under disguise so he could mete out revenge on Three for killing his wife. Six, meanwhile, was attempting a little revenge of his own on the General and flubbed it.

So, with all of that on the table—plus Four reaching out to his half-brother—what did Episode 9 bring us?

“I’ll remember my true family, once I’ve dealt with my old one.”
Those words by Four to Two shows he’s still in revenge mode and wanting his throne back. Much of Friday’s new episode was spent with Four and his mentor, Akita, recalling their shared past, including the time Four saved Akita from death for bungling a battle. Four has become an increasingly fascinating character, fiercely loyal to those he cares about … until he’s wronged. His decision to kill Akita and pledge to ascend the throne shows you don’t want to be on Four’s bad side. But if you’re with him, you’ll reap the spoils.

“He’s harder to read than that book you gave me.” 
“That book is a classic.” 
“Whatever. Pig’s a wimp, spider’s a know-it-all.” 
That back-and-forth between Three and One over Charlotte’s Web had me giggling, but things got serious for One when he continued to plot his killing of Three. It took a lot of soul-searching—and a chat with Two—for One to reconsider his plan. After all, with their memories erased, was this version of Three responsible for murder? And with no lingering attachment to his wife, did One/Derrick need to go that far? (And how can we not cheer for Three when he cries reading Charlotte’s Web?)

“We’ve crossed a line and we can never go back. We can’t undo all the hurt that we’ve caused, no matter how far or fast we fly this ship. Sooner or later, that past is going to catch up to us. And when it does, there’s going to be hell to pay.” 
Five’s speech to Six was heartfelt and, as it turns out, prophetic. The hell to pay would be the three Ferrous destroyers who showed up in the episode’s closing minutes (will we finally be introduced to Wil Wheaton’s character next week?!). Meanwhile, the relationship between these two marvellous characters continues to develop. Six has embraced his father figure/protector role whole-heartedly and wants a bright future for Six rather than the darkness he and the rest of the Raza crew are living in. He sees a way out for her even though his is gone.

“One of us is a traitor.”
You’re right, Three. But which one?

Dark Matter airs Fridays at 10 p.m. ET on Space.