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Review: Amazing Race Canada teams find Jeopardy in Sudbury

In the end, Alex Trebek only hung around long enough to welcome the first five teams to the mat during Wednesday’s adventures in his hometown of Sudbury, Ont. I’m guessing he had a plane to catch or the bugs got to be too bad. Either way, despite his early exit, several teams were in jeopardy, with Nic and Sabrina seeing their luck on The Amazing Race Canada run out.

The pair have been travelling with horseshoes in their back pockets since Week 2, and Nic’s frustration during the Analyze Detour and CPR Roadblock took them off their game.

“Who is Alex Trebek?” served notice to Brian and Cynthia—despite landing third-place—that just because you have prior experience at something doesn’t guarantee instant success. Like Nic did during blind soccer a few weeks back, the police pair assumed their experience in law enforcement would serve them well during the forensic challenge at Laurentian University. Instead, they saw wrestlers Matt and Nick complete the task first. Then Cynthia beamed as she entered the CPR Road Block, thinking her past as a paramedic would mean an early triumph. Not so. Still, they did land in third place for the week.


Meanwhile, Gino and Jesse replicated last week’s success with another first-place finish thanks to nabbing the Fast Forward clue 10 minutes ahead of their nearest competitors. They paused for just a moment while feeding their turtle bugs before agreeing to nosh down on the same crunchy critters; Jesse scarfed them down in one mouthful and they were off to the Bell Park Gazebo to check in with Jon Montgomery and Trebek.

Here’s how the teams finished this Leg:

  1. Gino and Jesse
  2. Nick and Matt
  3. Brian and Cynthia
  4. Brent and Sean
  5. Simi and Ope
  6. Neil and Kristin
  7. Dujean and Leilani
  8. Nic and Sabrina (eliminated)

Notes and quotes

  • It got a little dusty during Alex Trebek’s emotional speech about the relationship he shares with his daughter.
  • Sudbury is one of the happiest places in the country? Even during blackfly season?
  • Kudos to the Race editors who intercut Nic and Sabrina talking about how age doesn’t matter while showing them bickering.
  • “We were in a little bit of jeopardy in that one part.” Oh, Sean.

The Amazing Race Canada airs Wednesdays at 9 p.m. ET/PT on CTV.


One thought on “Review: Amazing Race Canada teams find Jeopardy in Sudbury”

  1. So I am glad Kristen’s legs healed. Although she did sound annoying at the Detour. I guess the penalty they and Sami/Ope got was meaningless because this episode has two equalizers, having to go to the PEI airport and wait in line at the mining company.

    Nic, Dujean, and Ope all afraid of the water. Have you guys not seen the show before? Wouldn’t you learn swimming before you applied for the show? Ope was brave in the canoe but I’ve heard him say “I can’t swim.” so often he should do advertising for a life-jacket company.

    The Fast Forward wasn’t as bad as the snake milking task from last year or the awkward nude sketching Sukhi and Jinder did.

    We’ve lost this season’s struggling team. None of them has really been giving the “villain edit” which is a little refreshing. Nick & Matt might be this season’s Ryan & Rob though, always doing well but never first. Gino & Jesse or Brain & Cynthia look to be the frontrunners for the whole thing.

    Well, Trebek is 75 so it may have also been his bedtime.

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