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Daily Planet launches Season 21 on Discovery

From a media release:

Following a landmark two decades of science programming with its most-watched-ever season and showing no signs of slowing down, Discovery’s flagship science magazine DAILY PLANET launches its 21st season with“Extreme Machines Week”, Monday, Aug. 31 – Friday, Sept. 4 at 7 p.m. ET. On the hunt for the most  outrageous, quirky, and  “must-see” machines, Co-Hosts Ziya Tong and Dan Riskin track down everything from two-storey-tall mining machines to the world’s most powerful skateboard. And it doesn’t end there! DAILY PLANET looks at a gyrocopterchasing a world record to circumnagivate the globe, and even a pogo stick on steroids!

The 21st season of DAILY PLANET comes fresh off the heels of the series’ highest rated season ever. Final data from Numeris (BBM Canada) confirms last season was the third consecutive year the program established a new audience high, and the fifth in a row of year-over-year growth (P2+, A25-54, and A18-49). In the key A25-54 demographic, audiences were up 13% over the previous season, having increased by 60% since 2009/10.

Highlights from DAILY PLANET’s “Extreme Machines Week” include:

“Gyrocopter World Record”
Featured in the 1967 James Bond film You Only Live Twice, the gyrocopter was said to be the only aircraft never to circumnavigate the globe. But that’s about to change as Norman Surplus takes to the sky to make aviation history. The autogyro pilot will cross 26 countries, flying more than 43,000 kilometres over deserts, jungles, mountains, and oceans. DAILY PLANET meets Surplus prior to the last and most treacherous part of the journey – crossing the Atlantic Ocean. If he makes it, the world record is his.

“Suction Brake”
Tired of bad drivers on the road? Fear no longer! Swedish automotive safety developerAutoliv could change the way drivers come to a complete stop. Using a massive suction cup below the car which helps the vehicle brake faster in emergencies, the Torricelli Brake  decreases stopping distances by almost half. DAILY PLANET is in the driver’s seat to find out how this technology could revolutionize traffic safety.

“Bicycle Fishing”
Amsterdam might house some of the world’s most beautiful canals, but people should probably think twice before taking a dip in one. Every year, up to 15,000 rusty bicycles are fished out of the canals by special dredge boats equipped with fishing cranes. DAILY PLANET Co-Host Dan Riskin dives alongside “bicycle fishing” experts who remove bikes from the canals for a living.

“Vurtego Pogo Stick”
Lucas Cochran, DAILY PLANET’s Tech Correspondent, is bouncing off the walls…literally! Testing out the latest in pogo stick technology, the V4 from Vurtego, Cochran bops around with inventor Ian Britt, who demonstrates how this pogo stick is a real game changer. To prove it, Britt attempts a high-flying trick he’s never done before exclusively for DAILY PLANET.