Showcase’s Haven cancelled

It’s the end of the road for Haven. After five seasons on the air, the Showcase/Syfy supernatural drama has been cancelled.

The news came down Tuesday afternoon via, where showrunner Gabrielle Stanton revealed the show’s creative team had viewed this super-sized season of 26 episodes the series’ last.

“I’m sure as a fellow TV fan, there’s nothing more annoying than when a show kind of feels like it might be wrapping up, but they just don’t address it, they don’t come to any kind of satisfying conclusion,” she told the outlet. “I always think that’s cheating the audience a little bit, of a nice satisfying ending. So we really looked at these 13 episodes as if… If we were indeed going to end, what would be the best ending we could possibly do for Haven?”

Based on Stephen King’s short novella, The Colorado Kid, Haven focused on the odd goings-on in the fictional town of Haven, Maine, where FBI agent Audrey Parker (Emily Rose) became involved in the supernatural lives of those in the community. Lucas Bryant portrays Nathan Wuornos, Eric Balfour is Duke Crocker and Adam Copeland is Dwight Hendrickson. Created by Jim Dunn and Sam Ernst, Haven has called Canada home: the series has shot in and around Halifax and Chester, Nova Scotia, since its pilot.

The first half of Season 5 has aired on Showcase; the last 13 instalments of the co-production will be broadcast beginning Sunday, Oct. 11.

The cancellation follows Syfy’s shift in focus to shows with a more traditional sci-fi element, like 12 Monkeys, Dark Matter, Killjoys, Defiance and Dominion.

Video: check out Lucas Bryant during last year’s Showcase Fan Expo panel


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  1. I liked it, didn’t like Nova Scotia pretending to be Maine, and deliberately did not look to find out 3 main actors’ origins. Very sad now to finally find out all three are Americans.

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