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Review: Amazing Race Canada sweats in Kolkata

Mission Interrupted indeed. I’m going to miss Brian’s pithy quips, his eye-rolling and, mostly recently, his attempt at Jedi mind-tricking Kolkata’s sculpture vendor. The police officers were the latest team to be eliminated from The Amazing Race Canada on Wednesday night.

During the last few weeks, tough challenges hampered the teams; this week it was the intense heat and crowded streets of Kolkata, India, that challenged everyone perhaps more mentally than physically. Gino and Jesse bitched at each other, Ope became frustrated with Simi and Brian was downright surly to Cynthia; all were the result of humidity and frayed nerves in packed neighbourhoods.

Brothers Sean and Brent—who enjoyed a season-best first-place finish and business-class seats to India—literally crashed back down to earth during the Roll Detour involving yoga. Poor Brent went head-first into the stone paving, injuring himself and bringing tears. This is the lowest we’ve seen the spunky pair, and admit I felt badly for them. Luckily, they turned things around and live to Race another day. Gino and Jesse tumbled down the standings thanks to having a hard time finding the shops to visit during the Tuck Detour and lost precious moments. I’m so used to seeing the pride of Hamilton in first or second it was a shock for them to be so close to elimination.

The Leg’s bright spot? Dujean and Leilani, who used their dance background to full effect during the yoga challenge and landed in front of Jon Montgomery on top of the world.

Here’s how the teams finished this Leg:

  1. Dujean and Leilani
  2. Nick and Matt
  3. Brent and Sean
  4. Simi and Ope
  5. Gino and Jesse
  6. Brian and Cynthia (eliminated)

Notes and quotes

  • Those business class seats sure looked comfy.
  • “Paramount Drinks and Syrups.”
  • “Can you airborne shuffle it?”
  • Sulking never won a Leg of the Race, Brian.

The Amazing Race Canada

airs Wednesdays at 9 p.m. ET/PT on CTV.


One thought on “Review: Amazing Race Canada sweats in Kolkata”

  1. “All of these are the same.”….”All of these are the same.” I don’t think you can hypnotize the lady Brian! Since I read they were doing two legs in India I thought this would be a non-elimination but nope! You can see the sweat just pouring off them, the forehead paint just ran right off their heads. Poor Brent, it looked like he might have a concussion for a minute there.

    I wonder how bad it was for the camera crew to run around on the streets during the rickshaw Detour? All the other tasks seem to have the teams standing in one place at least.

    Surprised Gino & Jesse almost went out, they always seem to struggle with either getting a cab or getting lost in a cab.

    But they will have to have one more episode where nobody goes home. They have 5 teams and four legs left. Since finales always have 3 couples they have an extra episode.

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