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Links: Dark Matter: 9 Things we learned at Fan Expo

From Kelly Townsend of The TV Junkies:

Dark Matter: 9 Things we learned at Fan Expo
One of Three’s most powerful episodes of the season was the one in which he met his lost love Sarah (guest star Natalie Brown), before she sadly lost her life to an incurable illness. Lemke revealed that it may not have been the last we see of her. Continue reading. 

From Etan Vlessing of The Hollywood Reporter:

Syfy’s ‘Dark Matter’ Cast Tease Second Season Reveals
“Who ever the traitor was going to be, we knew everything would change,” Ferland told fans. “They (Five and Six) were supposed to be friends, and that’s not what friends do by the regular description. I hope they might be able to have some sort of relationship, but it depends on what his reasoning will be. It might not be possible.” Continue reading.