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Comments and queries for the week of September 4

Which returning Canadian TV shows are you excited about this fall?

Rick Mercer Report, 22 Minutes (should be required viewing) and Murdoch. I never miss them. I also feel that The X Factor was extremely good. The Book of Negroes was exceptional. I get a kick out of Schitt’s Creek and Jonny Harris’ Still Standing. Unfortuantely, I missed several years of Heartland so am watching online. And on a more serious note, The Fifth Estate and Marketplace should not be missed. —Fossegal

Love Heartland, saw the cast at CBC in March. —Norlam147

Murdoch Mysteries, X Company and Heartland. —Kim

Rookie Blue is my very favourite. I have the first four seasons on DVD and when Seasons 5 & 6 are available I will buy them also. —Palma

Murdoch Mysteries, Saving Hope, Continuum, Heartland, Rick Mercer and Lost Girl. I couldn’t pick JUST THREE! —Rosanna

Continuum, Sunnyside and Saving Hope for me. I am looking forward to the first two the most and am trying to catch up on Continuum. —Iris

Murdoch Mysteries’ Hélène Joy lets her hair down

I enjoyed your interview with her, but it was a bit short?! I was at a small event where we actually had an opportunity to chat with her for a few minutes. Just my luck she spent most of her time at the other end of the venue. However, she is so fascinating! In a matter of a few minutes I found a ton of info on how she ended up here in Canada, that type of thing. Also calls her hairdos, and Shirley [Bond] her hair designer agrees, very dating. She says they are works of art, but she is “well over it” and they DO make her look much older, but back then young girls were trying to be women and were married off to have families. Sign of the times. I would love it if you would do a bit on her colleague Arwen Humphreys, who plays Brackenreid’s wife. She is Canadian and truly talented, and the fans have been begging for, and getting more screen time by contacting Shaftesbury and communicating through fan groups. Roll on October! —Kimber

Hey Kimber, here’s the link to my interview with Arwen; I spoke to her back in March.


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