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Interview: Continuum’s Victor Webster rocks in Rio

“Holy shit.” We will pardon Alec Sadler’s expletive in Friday night’s newest episode, “Zero Hour,” because, well, he’s right. Those two words are spoken in a scene so mind-blowing it not only changes everything we’ve known about Continuum but the course it may take in the show’s final storylines.

It’s a big episode for many characters aside from Alec. The Traveller is given airtime and Carlos waxes poetic on his early relationship with Kiera. The same is true for the man who has played Carlos for the last four seasons; Victor Webster is leaving behind a character he loves, but gives us a peek into his next project: Rio Heat.

Carlos and Kiera have been through some stuff, including he dealing with two of her. Will their fractured relationship ever return to what it was?
Victor Webster: I don’t know if you ever come back 100 per cent from that. There are aftershocks, but I think they’ve found a place where they can work together again. Carlos has also had a chance to wrap his head around everything that has been happening and that has been very confusing to him.

I hear the scripts have been pretty explosive.
We’re blowing shit up. There’s a helicopter and explosions, but it’s all done for the sake of the story. It’s a great wrap-up to the show and an unexpected ending.

Is there anything that you’re going to take from the set as a souvenir?
Yes. I stole me a time ball. Hopefully, I can find a power source and go back in time and change a few life decisions. [Laughs.]

What will fans think of the ending?
It’s not a feel-good ending. It depends on who you are whether you like the ending or not.

Where does Continuum rank for you, personally, in your acting career? Near the top?
Absolutely. As far as the overall talent that we’ve accumulated on this show—actors, writers, directors, crew—it’s some of the most talented and nicest, funniest, most down-to-earth people I’ve ever worked with. This show has been put together so well from top to bottom.

You’re a creative guy. Is the next step creating your own stuff?
I’d love to collaborate with someone because I can’t write. I want to direct. That’s my next step. Having control over your own projects is key and if I can come in and be a director and producer … I don’t want to be a showrunner. Hell, no. But to team up with somebody that is much smarter and eloquent than me with words would be cool.

Talk a little bit about your next project, Rio Heat.
There is no secret to that show. It’s not like Continuum, there are no plot spoilers. It’s a fun show. It’s an action comedy. My character is former Special Forces, who became a cop, then a detective who retired and moved to Brazil. He’s recruited by Harvey Keitel’s character, who is kind of like Charlie in Charlie’s Angels. He’s a philanthropist and billionaire who owns all kinds of properties and he has an investigation agency in Rio for the elite of the elite. You can’t look him up in the yellow pages. He recruits me and tells me he’ll try and find my family if I work for him. He teams me with a super-spicy, bad-ass, hot, sexy, former Brazilian cop played by Thaila Ayala. She’s a huge star in Brazil. Our characters are very attracted to each other but we don’t want to be partners.

Continuum airs Fridays at 9 p.m. ET/PT on Showcase.

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