When Murdoch met Mark Twain: Five facts for tonight’s case

William Shatner’s guest appearance on Murdoch Mysteries has been discussed almost as much as whether or not Crabtree would be freed from prison. Shatner portrays American novelist, essay writer and speaking Mark Twain in Monday’s new instalment, “Marked Twain,” and doesn’t disappoint. Here are some key facts about tonight’s case before it begins.

Margaret is back!
Fans of Arwen Humphreys rejoice, because Margaret is back and better than ever. Thomas is being considered for a membership at the exclusive Empire Club and Margaret is doing her best to make sure he gets in. The Empire Club is a real thing; established in 1903 (the year this season of MM takes place) and was created to keep ties with Britain strong. And while Mark Twain never really spoke there, several other notable folks did, including Winston Churchill, Ronald Reagan, A.Y. Jackson, Roberta Bondar, Indira Gandhi and Prince Philip.

Not everyone loves Mark Twain
He may have written beloved books in The Adventures of Tom Sawyer and Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, but not everyone liked Twain at the time. He was against the way countries like Britain had settled territory around the world through colonization and military force. Hence, Mr. Twain becomes a target.

A certain someone is Twain’s biggest fan


The Curse of the Pharaohs makes an appearance
In a very cool way.

Higgins goes undercover
The Constable First Class dons a top and tails, slicks his hair back, adopts a British accent and ingratiates himself with the Empire Club’s members to suss out the wannabe assassin.

Murdoch Mysteries airs Mondays at 8 p.m. on CBC.


3 thoughts on “When Murdoch met Mark Twain: Five facts for tonight’s case”

  1. Aw jees, here they go American again — the 100th episode and they have to have MARK TWAIN. Why are 99.9 percent of the historical characters American ?

    For the 100th episode they should have had CANADIAN Maureen Jennings, the original author of Murdoch Mysteries, playing Lucy Maud Montgomery

    William Shatner does NOT qualify as ‘Canadian content’ – What – the Canadian content part is that William Shatner USED to be Canadian ?

    We Canadians have WAY TOO MUCH American already, without having Murdoch Mysteries 99 percent American too !

  2. The 100th episode was almost a year ago, “Holy Matrimony Murdoch”.

    Personally, I thought Shatner looked more like Teddy Roosevelt.

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