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Georgina Reilly: Why I left Murdoch Mysteries

I was so sad to see you go, Georgina. You were like a ray of sunshine. Bright, perky and very spunky. You will be missed. Good luck in the future, and I hope someday to see you back on Murdoch. —Marie

All I have to say is that was one hell of an episode. There was excellent acting, real tension and even some new camera work. I think everyone upped their game so Dr. Grace would have a proper sendoff. I only wish every episode of the show was that good. Georgina Reilly showed what a great actress she is. Congratulations on an excellent job. —Rob

I will miss the character of Emily. She added a lot to the show. Best of luck in your future and I hope many great parts will come your way. —Mary

Good luck, will be looking for you on TV or movies as the years go on. Good luck to Mark as well. My advice? Use this slow time to make a baby. You will be missed. —Gloria

England has far more to offer. Their programs are superior to anything shown in Canada or the U. S. and Canada’s programs are far more intelligent than anything shown in the U.S. Since she is searching for quality, she will be disappointed with what she finds in the U.S., except for HBO; they carry a few decent shows. —Lee

I am sad to see you leave the show, but I wish you much success in the near future. You are an amazing actress and great things are lining up your way. Thank you for the time you spend with all of us here in this beautiful Canada. I hope to see you pop up into a episode here and there. Best of luck. Hasta pronto. —Barbara

I personally truly enjoyed Emily and Lillian’s relationship—it holds a special place in my heart. I’m gay and it was so nice and refreshing to see a same-sex relationship that was portrayed like every other relationship on this show. It wasn’t in your face or for the shock value, unlike so many other shows. It was mundane, boring, adventurous and so loving—like seeing what the other wanted to have for dinner that evening or what they were going to do once they got to London.

I was also very pleased to see those important in Emily’s life, supported her regardless of whom she loved. It put a smile on my face to see Brackenreid be this “fatherly” protective figure—that one episode where he warned her to be careful about her relationship with Lillian. I think he did it more out of fear for her rather then hatred.

I know there are a ton of George/Emily shippers out there—they were cute. But this is life. Sometimes things don’t happen the way it should and things change. It’s a part of life. Emily and George found love with other people but they will always love each other as well—just not like that.

I’m sad, yes, but I hope that she can do a few episodes in the future. I hope that Emily finds love again no matter what shape or form it comes in. —Kate

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